Mueller Rape Accuser – Carolyne Cass

This topic has been labeled a hoax by some and previous thread on ATS in regards to this story.…

Like to look at the conspiratorial sides of this story, now that we have the witness name and know who she is and that is not made up like the media conspiracy to discredit the story failed to validate.

An open mind and not posing hasty judgment based on media outlets attempts to smear and discredit the accuser and council, think is in order.

Besides evidence that suggest Mueller was at the St. Regis hotel at the time of the incident.
That she told her friend about it, after it happened, who was there with her at the hotel, before it happened…
A signed sworn affidavit by the accuser.
Never has voted, not a registered democrat or republican and not into politics.
He did not wear a condom.

Then there is the Lorraine Parsons, who claimed she worked with Mueller in 1974 at a lawfirm, only for a brief moment, who left due to a pregnancy.

think this deserves a closer look, as some are discrediting the story based upon a Seth Rich witness that did not come forward and suggested that this was going to be another one of those…

We know that is not the case now, at all.

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