More guns is NOT the answer or solution.


originally posted by: Ophiuchus 13

More guns can equate to more people being armed, yes. But it also then can equate to more people being shot as the armed community attempts to respond to a active shooter or shooters frantically without having all the facts or intelligence on who the shooter or shooters are.
In essence the scenario can go really bad for now the armed public is aiming and potentially shooting at anyone who is armed. Which can turn into the public shooting the public in response to trying to respond to the active shooter.
I don’t know why many who preach more guns, intelligence levels do not realize this…

Really? Do you have data to support this big “IF” that armed and trained citizens would be shooting everything that moves? No, you don’t, that is your fear of guns surfacing. That is your projection of what YOU would do if armed, and fear everyone would act like you.

The truth is that if that were the case, every hunter in the woods would be killing each other ALL the time. As it is, that happens quite rarely considering the number of active hunters in the country every single day.

The truth is that in actual cases of armed citizens actually firing upon an armed assailant, in many of the thread I have posted here using real-world cases, there have been no incidental people shot. See, that is the difference between trained and licensed carriers of firearms and how they act and the baseless fear based rhetoric that you and others that think like you espouse. You make up false narratives to instill unfounded FEAR in others, because it reflects your own fears.

Spare us…please. If you are so afraid and do not wish to exercise a right, fine. Don’t….but do not try to force others to follow your ignorant perspective (ignorant, in the sense you are uninformed and ignorant of reality).

If you and other cared so much, really cared, then you would start a real movement to repeal the 2nd Amendment. Using actual legal means that are already in place to accomplish that which you find so necessary to impose on everyone.

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