Martin Bormmann and his deal.


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Some very interesting stuff seems to be emerging about the advanced state of the Nazi atomic Bomb program.

Dude, so much wrong even for Nazi revisionist history.

First off, the Nazi bomb project never got past heavy water manufacturing. They never even had a working pile and decided that the atom bomb was not feasible and scrapped the project in 1942.

Which would make good reasons for the fact that Bormann turned up in Argentina, and was able to organise high ranking Nazi officials to make their escape.

Except Borman was never in South America. As mentioned above, Martin Bormann died in the streets of Berlin in May of 1945. His remains have been positively identified. There is a clear timeline now regarding the whereabouts of his remains through the years.

No mention of Argentina.

The Israeli Nazi hunters were quite willing to pick up Eichmann but when told about Bormann they said they were not interested.

Borman was convicted in absentia of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging during the Nuremberg trials.

So the Mossad were willing to piss off half the world to clandestinely abduct and extradite an SS lackey ( Eichmann ) but decided they would “pass” on Adolf Hitler’s personal secretary who already had a death sentence imposed?


After Hess parachuted into Scotland Bormann was the second in command of the third Reich, he was the one who controlled what signals left Hitler’s bunker during the last days of the third Reich,

Hermann Goering was Adolf Hitler’s named successor, Rudolf Hess was next in line. Martin Bormann was never in line to lead Nazi Germany. When Hitler suicided Karl Doenitz was his named successor ( after Hitler having decreed Goering was to be stripped of command and shot )

Borman was a secretary….

The one thing the West needed was more enriched Uranium, for the atomic bomb,

Nazi Uranium Oxide was used in the little boy bomb.

Winner winner chicken dinner, you got one right.

it looks like Bormann might have done a deal, and sent a Submarine full of “Yellow cake”

In its death throes, Germany attempted to ship about 500 kilos as part of a transfer of technology to imperial Japan aboard the unterseeboot U-234.

The sub surrendered to the allies when Doenitz gave the order for German military forces to stand down, the Japanese liazon onboard committed suicide in their bunks.

Martin Bormann was not involved.

which enabled the production of weapons grade Uranium at Los Alamos to double in no time at all.

Uranium enrichment was conducted primarily at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Plutonium came from Hanford the Trinity test and Fat Man bombs came from Hanford Wa.

Los Alamos was where the bombs were designed and fabricated.

Details, details..


I’ll pass on the video but the Ta 183 shown was not exactly a world beater. By the way, the designer of the Ta 183 was Kurt Tank, not Martin Bormann….

Einstien would have known very well the state of play with regards to the German, state of atomic bomb development , and conveyed his misgivings fairly early one, which the President took on board.

Einstein got talked into signing a ghost written letter to FDR in 1939 stating that a fission weapon was technically possible and the Germans had demonstrated nuclear fission. He then washed his hands of the mess.

That’s all anybody knew and while Uncle Albert certainly made his contribution in theory, he didn’t know anything more about the state of the Nazi nuclear program than anybody else. It was a lot of supposition and it was wrong.

So it looks like some deals went on which the public were not aware of, I wonder if Bormann traded for the real Hitler, along with other German advanced tech?

Why would the allies trade Martin Bormann for anything? The Western allies were a victorious occupying army and they just took anything that interested them, Soviet and Western powers alike.

The real Hitler?

Honest man, if you are interested in that time period there are tens of thousand of definitive, accurate works in print on the war.

You are rotting your brain with the revisionist dribble and inadvertently supporting the modern neo nazi culture.

Do some research on where this garbage comes from, you will be surprised what you find. ( or not if you are a supporter of “the cause” yourself )

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….and they even used the German secret service who just changed uniforms and worked for the CIA.

Source please, and please do better than cite Operation Paperclip or Operation Lusty.

TY in advance

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