Man Leaves Wife And Children Because They Aren’t Flat Earthers


You may agree or disagree, but the theory that the earth may not be round still exist in today’s world. If you say the earth is round, and you happen to get into a debate with someone who claims the earth is flat, you will soon realize that the once calm discussion quickly becomes a heated argument. Flat earthers will say things like, “I am a truther, you need to wake up. Only a pathetic sleeping sheep would believe that the earth is round. I have evidence!” A round earther would say, “You actually believe that the earth is flat? Hello, 400 B.C! I have evidence too! You’re so stupid.” And that’s probably a more calm debate than the things we witness online.

There is such a thing as taking it too far though, recently one man posted to Facebook in a private group about how he left his entire family due to the fact that they just wouldn’t wake up about the possibility of a flat earth. 

“This is my first “Christmas” without my family. After 25 years of marriage, I could not stay married to a woman who refused to seek the truth. She and my kids refuse to look at the Flat Earth Truths that I have shared with them. I encouraged them to research for themselves, but they treat me like I’m crazy. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Is anyone else out there dealing with spending Christmas alone? To me, it’s better than spending it with my family of Globeheads. I’m glad to have a group of online like-minded individuals with whom I can learn from and gain support from. I bet I’m not the only Truth Seeker who is spending Christmas away from family because they can’t see the truth of this world. I hope to hear from some of you today!” 


I honestly hope that he, in fact, is the only one stupid enough to have spent Christmas alone. Just because people in your family disagree with your beliefs, does not mean you can just toss them aside like a moldy piece of bread. If this seems too insane to believe, here’s a screenshot so that all of us can drop our jaws at the level of foolishness.    

No matter what sort of position we take on “is the earth round, or flat”, it’s important that we remain close to our families. A few internet friends agreeing with you on Facebook can never replace the love and support that family gives, even when they don’t always agree with you.

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