Looks like Trump fired up Reagans old Perception Management UFO PSYOP Campaign


Or at the very least he’s green lit the thing.

Think back to the 1980’s. Bush & Reagan were on the hot plate for their Iran-Contra guns & drugs running operations. They needed diversions to keep people out of their hair, to keep as much as the population diverted as possible. So they engaged in what they called “Perception Management“. The goal of this form of propaganda is Diversion (where generally Persuasion is what propaganda is best known for).

Note recently, when I finally took note of Mr. DeLonge (Hollyweird corporate dooshbag) I called out the whole “To The Stars” as being such:
Rock Star Tom Delonge’s “To The Stars Academy” as a “Perception Management” PSYOP Campaign

All wearing his Air Force hat, his ‘cabinet’ stoked with DOD-IC freakazoids, it was a no brainer. Especially factoring in how his business front is straight out of a Hollywood turnkey marketing platform coupled with actual MSM corporate propaganda puff pieces no doubt this is a bunch of baloney.

Now I didn’t expect these videos to come out. To me that brings Trump into the ballgame. No doubt he’s Histories All Time Troll, which I have to admit I cant not love him for it. He really is the master, and with all of the hysteria the psychotic Democrat types have been putting him through you know what I actually expect this here.

So here goes a short documentary clip I just threw together covering Reagan’s PSYOP, with actual insider interview, from Adam Curtis’ masterpiece, “HyperNormalization“:

Note I added the speeches Reagan had done about aliens at the time to help stoke the public aura of the whole affair. And here goes some added reading breadcrumbs.

Now I’m aware that this DeLonge front was around pre-Trump.

And you know what it’s to be expected. As with the SJWFRONT, which I insist that the motives of the fountainheads pushing that movement is in the ultimate diversion from the looming Technological Singularity. In particular, the it’s about keeping everyone diverted from their DOD+Silicon Valley+University “AGI Manhattan Project” (which has been underway since immediately after September 11th, 2001) to usher it in before the public has any say in it. For the technocrat elitists behind this front, whom are entrenched in the University apparatus which just so happens to be SJW ground zero across the nation (in California in particular however).

So as I’ve been arguing for over a year now, since immediately after I finally tuned back in and saw what was going on, the SJW mania scene out trolling white supremacism back into existence so that forever they’ll dominate the headlines and keep everyone diverted is I argue the most brilliant diversionary social engineering operation in human history. They have the SJW’s so fine tuned their “Safe Spaces” are literally the stuff of textbook ceremonial religious cult chambers.

Note the motives of the technocrat’s is to literally become Immortal Gods. It’s their religion, so their psychological warfare campaign who could doubt they’d engage in religious cult techniques to hoodwink the public into the ultimate stupor.

I’ll even goes as far as to predict there shall be people out calling for advanced tech to combat this new “threat”. But do note that forever now I’ve been arguing that the Technocrat’s would be to scared to threaten our alien overlords with their AGI ambitions if such an element did exist.

And then there’s the DOD-IC’s motives in this of course. They went and blew up Syria. They keep trying to scapegoat Russia for it. But who cant see right through that BS anymore? But the real bitch is they debunked themselves on 9/11 by re-allying with Al Qaeda. They and their stooge MSM mouthpieces tried and tried to spin Al Qaeda as not being Al Qaeda, but instead being some mere “Moderate Rebels”. But nope we all know now. Which how it is the 9/11 Truth Movement hasnt yet re-emerged again in full force is beyond me.

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