Lets make this the final thread about The Phoenix Flares!


It just doesn’t stop! Face it, gullibles, there were no Phoenix lights. There were, however, Phoenix flares!

I think most here are already aware that flares were dropped in sight of the city of Phoenix. I’m not sure if you are aware that the flares were not the entirety of that sighting. It started hours earlier, when a huge V-shaped craft flying from north to south was seen by thousands. Some very closely, as well.

In fact, the flares strengthen the case. Why would the military for the first and last time -ever-.. drop flares in a V formation, in sight of the city of Phoenix, on the -same- day that hundreds of calls were being made by people seeing this thing flying towards the direction of Phoenix? What a staggering coincidence.

If you want to jump onto the “it was a flight of military planes that for hours, no one could actually identify as a flight of military planes,” bandwagon, that’s fine.

The sudden scramble to drop those flares in light of all the sightings in the hours prior is a huge red flag – not the explanation. Try again, perhaps a bit less arrogantly.

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