Las Vegas shooting revisited – the sounds tell the story


So I decided to take a look back at the video’s of the shooting with fresh eyes and ears and I wanted to see if I had a new perspective or if I might have learned something in the past year. What I noticed is that the echo’s are off by a lot. When listening to the video’s taken from down in the crown, there are a lot of mixed up gun sounds that are confusing as to whether they are echos or another gun being fired. In many cases it sounds like there are 2 guns firing at similar speeds, but they finally synchronize then pass – so at one point you hear both guns firing at the same exact time then they start separating again. This happens when fire rates are different speeds.

There are also huge problems with echos. Most of what are considered echos are about .15-.2 seconds after the shot and they are significantly muffled compared to the crack of the main sound. The problem is that the venue is about 1300-1500 ft (allowing for height/hypotenuse) which means sound takes over a second to reach those recording in the venue (also means the bullet gets there about .6-.8 seconds before the sound).

The other problem for echo’s is the trajectory of the sound and the surrounding buildings, none of which were facing the proper direction for much of any sound to reverberate off of them, nothing with the proper angles or height to bounce off of. There are some taller buildings (still not angled correctly – which is a MAJOR issue) down the strip but they are so far away the echo would’t be anywhere near as loud as what was recorded and reported as an echo (by calculations the sound is way too loud in recordings and MUCH too early even if bouncing off the closest building). So even if it was the buildings the shots echo’d off of, the amplitude is too high for it to be an echo AND it comes MUCH too early to be an echo – unless the laws of physics were suspended that night.

I did look at a number of different guns firing in automatic and I did find some that sounded a lot like what we heard and there is a distinct difference between what we were told and what we heard. Anyone who has been down range of shots being fired knows that a guns sounds much different when sitting behind it vs what it sounds like 1200ft away, not to mention if there is lead flying inches to feet from your head. The sounds that were recorded in the venue sound a lot like what is heard from behind the gun. To me it sounds almost as if the speakers might be making the gun fire sound and possibly a suppressed gun (with flash & sound suppressor) on ground level firing along with the sound from the speakers. The timeing delay and the odd extra muffled shots continuing 2-4 rounds after the loud cracks (loud cracks being the speakers) stop – which people would have thought it was echo’s and not a suppressed gun from near the crowd. For all we know someone could have been inside one of the massive speaker setups (a dummy speaker) firing out, though I think that highly unlikely.

After listening to all the audio many times, the story of a single gunman from near the top floor doesn’t make sense at all. Having a shooter on the ground (or 2) with suppressed guns along with sounds coming through the speakers does make sense as far as the echo’s and overlapping gun shots.

Now as far as the speaker setup, this doesn’t mean that the festival provider (stage/sound people) were in on it because much of what is done today is done wirelessly and it would be easy to hijack a channel, use an open channel, or overlap a channel (piggyback) sent from the stage to the mixer/amps and then dump it into the speakers. The crew wouldn’t know it was happening at the time and might not have proof of it happening afterwards, depending on their setup and if/how they are recording the concert.

This is the only explanation that I have come up with that accounts for the disparity in echo times and amplitudes as well as over lapping echos, wrong rate of fire for the echos and some other oddities I’m still working through.

IIRC there were a number of people who reported shots coming from the edge of the crowd and a “shooter on ground level” and I also believe one or two of these people have since died mysteriously (how many others from the concert have died that weren’t injured in the shooting?). I would also guess that if a shooter were on the ground, they would hit the people closest to them and they would probably be the ones who died (those closest to the shooter). If there were many people with more than one bullet injury I would be HIGHLY skeptical of the theory of a shooter on the 32 floor and be much more inclined to believe an on the ground shooter, especially if the 32 floor was using a “bump stock”. no body (of paddocks capability – not a “gun guy”) is placing multiple rounds in the same person at 1350-1550 ft using a bump stock, at night, standing 1/2 out a window – BUT a person 30-100ft away? Yes, easily.

Oh, yeah. Where are the ballistic reports?

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