is TTSA finally dead?


there has been a lot of stuff in the alternative sphere in internet lately, the closed observatory, the malfunctioning space sats. the square iceberg, the mailed bombs, the youtube shutdown, etc
but i have noticed that something is conspiciouslly absent from the news rooster, something wich was big news earlier this year and seems to have vanished almost silently and un-noticed from the news:
the last thing i remenber hearing about them was the debt stuff, wich later turned to be pure fake news and before that they made a bunch of videos hyping their alleged analysis of UFO fragments
yet everthing stopped to a halt now
i remenber seeing weekly and sometimes even daily news about something delongue and crew did/announced
oh, yeah, there was also the interviews too, wich were everyone not too long ago, but now too seems to have stopped
now its almost unbelievable that just months ago, UFOs were being discussed in the mainstream media, like it was the most normal thing ever, that once again stopped without any whisper or noise
has the scam finally falled into itself? is TTSA the roswell slides 2.0? only the future knows….

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