Intriguing Structure on Asteroid Bennu

Doh? Pretty squarish rock, with a smaller squarish rock shape on it with an even smaller square shape on top of that … though seemingly rocky in demeanor, it IS odd!

As far as

hope the openness of the NASA team encourages folks to accept that there isn’t any over-arching pre-release alien evidence coverup in force. This would never have gotten out, in that case.

whelp, if we’re bein’ realz, of COURSE there are safeguards in place to keep potentially panic inducing info hush-hush, should any exist… any responsible government would have such measures in place at the very least for “national security” reasons.

I’d love to think the exploration of our universe is open and free to all … and know most of it is just that … but if something truly paradigm shattering, terrifying or stock market crashing were found, then it’s your contention “they” wouldn’t attempt to close down tight? Really? Hmmmm …

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