Interesting Sighting. But What Are They?

I have the same thing at my house as almost a daily occurrence. They are ALWAYS due west and just over the horizon and what is strange is that the lights are just a little south of the air traffic from the air port that is located there. The lights will sit there for 20-30 mins in the same spot and then it will head somewhat towards my location, very similar to air planes but they always veer south and disappear. They lights are about 4-5x brighter than planes taking off from the air port and they are stationary for long periods.

I’ve shown a number of people and they always say “it’s a planet, Venus or Mercury” and they won’t watch it long enough to see it move south. I would guess that it is at about 4-7,000ft elevation as that is about what the planes are at that distance when they are at the same altitude but somewhat north of the stationary object. I’ve been seeing this for about 4-5 years and it seems constant on clear nights.

It looks almost like a bouy (water bouy/channel marker) in the sky. It is much to far away to be able to hear it, I would guess it is about 15-20 miles when it is visible and for it to be as bright as it is, it must be a VERY bright light.

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