In your humble opinion, whats REALLY going on?


And whatever it is, is it fair to call it a “conspiracy” at some level, even if we’re talking about existence and the meaning of life itself?

Of course the materialist monists would beg to differ by saying it’s just a random fluctuation in eternal nothingingness which just so happens to be whatever it is. But to me that rings hollow and seems unscientific, to make an appeal to the strong anthropic principal, namely that if it were any other way, even by the smallest degree, we would not be here.

But here we are, while mired in a political drama involving issues of authority and leadership and accountability to principals of truth and justice, and isn’t that the way, that at the very heart of things there’s this fundamental controversy surrounding issues of authority and of good and evil.

If by some strange solipsism, the Earth is at the center of a cosmic drama involving this same struggle, and if it’s true that we live in a non-local, holographic universe wherein LOCAL MATTERS, then in my humble opinion, we’re actually in a great predicament of the very farthest reaching implications and significance, even if our sun one day goes supernova.

“All these things will pass away, but my word will never pass away.”

The word, as somehow at cause. If this is the creative principal in the domain of human being and interpersonal relations, that we are what we say and do and do not do – then by God we’re better take pause and be more considerate in everything we say and do, and how we react and respond to this fundamental dilemma, that to be alive is to be attached to an outcome in the gap of the divided middle between what is and what ought to be.

In this context, of everything bearing down upon us and emerging upward from the depths of the human heart, who and what are we that God seems to be mindful of us, while upholding the true standard of Justice and Mercy at the very heart of the law of love and life.

Is it safe do you think, to laugh and play under the stars of freedom, protected as untouchables from the predation of powers and principalities whether on Earth or in the heavens above, does God have our back in all of this to you think, whether a simulation or not?

Or are we like specks of dust floating in an ocean of meaningless absurdity? Is the entire controversy and predicament that I just described rendered moot by a dead and impersonal universe?

Oh the lengths to which people will go, to avoid the implications of the challenge we face in how to meet life and existence in a way and a manner that’s formative and functional and in alignment with the living Spirit of Truth & Life, myself included!

But what happens when we really get present to the domain of possibility and freedom that life presents to us, regardless of how breathtaking the implications and significance, what happens when we get present to the fear that this can evoke, the necessity of action in pursuit of an object or an ideal, or even of inaction in the willingness to first receive inspiration as the fount of creativity?

Takes courage I think, to be filled with the Spirit and with Hope in better things as yet unseen than to be filled with mere opinions and subjective interpretations that make us feel safe, but that form a shield against having an authentic spiritual experience.

So you see, if you’ve read this OP, that the question posed in the title is intended to draw you into the predicament, while raising awareness of the degree of absolute uncertainty in the face of a marvel and a wonder of wonders.

Thus, the reason why the responses are certainly to be playful and humorous.

People are either moved, or unmoved, enthusiastic or unenthusiastic and it’s funny either way from both perspectives, imho.

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