If humanity was quarantine and labeled a outlaw species…

Hey according to a remote viewing session we are the descendant’s of a bunch of hotel resort staff whom got abandoned and left behind when the resort fell out of business so if those wacked out bunch of mysterious substance smoking hippies (Some of whom worked for the US intelligence services in the past) are even Remotely (pun intended) right then in fact the alien’s are probably trespassing on some form of interstellar or even intergalactic (perhaps even inter-dimensional) corporations property just by being here.
And we are owed a hell of a lot of back pay – hell maybe we even own the corporation fraudulent alien CEO’s notwithstanding unless of course our ancestors signed there right’s away – what was all that medieval stuff about the devil getting people to sign contract’s.

Anyway a quarantine on our planet would either be only a local affair by local aliens and could probably even be illegal on the galactic and inter galactic scale of agreement’s between various species while any form of inter species war in space is most likely utterly and totally prohibited with most likely some extremely harsh penalty’s including but not exclusive to reducing offending species down to hunter gatherer level of society as a punitive measure for such an infraction and with correspondingly higher level’s of punishment for more severe infraction’s.

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