How much privacy do we have? What does that mean about the future?


What does everyone do about their old college photos on Facebook these days? Do people delete photos of them partying/drinking in college from the net? I’m just wondering because I have heard that it is important to have a clean social media profile for getting employment and avoiding scandal.

Are our social media profiles policed? To what extent do you all think your photo history or social media history are monitored by employment agencies and law enforcement agencies?

In China, the government has direct deals with social media companies to provide information on its users, including private messages. This data, along with data like online streaming habits, online gaming habits, shopping habits, etc. determine your “citizen score.” In the U.S., a lot of us allow people to see our content for free. Aside from content, data about us is bought and sold and even stolen by hackers.

Since China is a big power, it could influence the world to go in the direction of being rated based on your social media presence and overall lifestyle. Could we see something like this in the west? Insurance companies have been buying data from Netflix and the like to see how many hours their clients stream per month.

Are we going to have a social credit system in the U.S. as well, just not in name? How much censoring is there going to be, what could you get in trouble for saying online through social media or whatever? Since people need employment, are they going to have to cover all of their tracks? A lot of you may be like “yeah, you should not have any R-rated content out there on the internet.” But times change and for some reason, these days people can get in trouble for something they said at a certain time when the standards were different and it gets unearthed a decade later.

Some groups like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are even starting to censor conservative viewpoints or get offended by things enough to shut down a channel or video or de-monetize a channel or video. Their customer service with this kind of thing is a nightmare from what I hear and have experienced first-hand. For example, I have a Facebook page for my band that I want to promote, but I can’t, because Facebook thinks I’m providing adult entertainment (like videos) so I wrote them back saying that I would cooperate (I couldn’t find any porn on our band page) but they haven’t written me back yet.

A regular Joe on Twitter or YouTube or Facebook could perceivably get in trouble over the content they accidentally share that doesn’t fit in with the current cultural norms. Am I off base here?

I mostly worry about things getting worse. I am a centrist who leans left, but I don’t go all the way left. I figure we might start polarizing even more (look at Kavanaugh and how polarized Dems and Republicans are), which could cause the Dems to think more and more content is offensive.

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