George Van Tassel 1964 Interview on Aliens, Ufos and Time Travel

Time travel would be a massive task if it could be done. Scientifically it’s possible to travel forward in time (we’re all doing so right now). But I think going backwards is impossible.

Now if you wanted to go back, you’d surely have to not only account for ‘time’ but what time measures. Movement.

Earth now is not in the same location it was on this day 200 years ago. Something Doctor Who’s TARDIS addresses by moving in both time and space.

We’re not just going around the sun in a circle, we’re moving in a spiral as the sun moves through the galaxy.

So how most people imagine time travel to work, if you drove your delorean back in time, or forward, when you materialize there’s a very good chance you’d reappear in the void of space.

I’d love for time travel to be a thing, be it from aliens or human ingenuity. But I just feel it’s just not possible because as I said earlier, time is not really a thing, it’s just a measurement of things moving, rotating etc.
A way to make sense of something.

Not to mention I could not see how you could travel back in time without creating a paradox or butterfly effect, even if you took the utmost care not to change anything. Because your mere presence would be changing things if only moving a few particles and atoms in space.

Oh well will watch the clip regardless, always good to look back at history and how humans viewed such things in the past minus the knowledge and tech we have now.

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