Filemaker admits to making alien autopsy film.

Spyros was on TV tonight and he is a very poor liar – so he definitely didn’t make the film. To add to his lack of cred he tried doing a simple magic trick and it went completely wrong; so that clinched the fact he’s a conman.

Despite how the film looks to some people I know it has to be real due to the massive push to convince the public it’s fake; even going so far as to make a comedy about it. I think Santilli and everyone else was threatened by the military to convince the world it was faked.

There are too many things that don’t fly to make me believe it’s a hoax. (1) It was apparently made in the 1980s or early 1990s when it would have been too difficult without any internet to ensure every prop and the film stock were authentic, plus to source them all – acquiring rare historic props is tough. (2) It would have taken months, or years, of pre-production work and research by an expert; but the men were just ordinary guys who claimed to have put this together without any effort. (3) It would have cost a BOMB to make the film; the props alone would have cost a huge amount and the dummy thousands. (4) It really isn’t easy to make a prop dummy – anyone who’s tried to make a prosthetic will know how hard it is and how much time, effort, skill and materials it takes. The alien dummy was a very top-class professional job for the 80s/90s they claim made by a total amateur, which I cannot believe at all – so therefore it has to be real, because no-one could have made it at that time without a big stack of money, big skills and a proper model-making studio, plus several assistants.

So little about the fake story about faking the film adds up.

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