FBI spying, what amount of wiretapping would happen?

I ask this when thinking about Trump’s comments a while ago about being “wiretapped”. So far, nothing has come from it, but it’s not over yet either. But what usually happens in cases like this? They were tapping Carter Page. I can only assume they were watching everything he did, to include phone calls, data, e-mails, any communications. Not being in the FBI, I honestly don’t know how that works.

But a while ago, there was the issue with “unmasking”. It was told that “incidental” collection took place, and people who weren’t the target, were revealed, so it would be known who said what. So is it possible that they tapped all the phone lines, and all the data lines, in order to make sure they didn’t miss anything Page did. I mean, if he used a phone that wasn’t at his desk, would he get away with hiding things?

I assume most can see where I’m going with this, but I think it’s worth at least discussion.

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