ET species and alliances with global powers.

I tried the search feature and didn’t really come up with any topics concerning the subject aside from a few posts here and there.

From what I have read there seems to be pattern of specific races collaborating with certain countries. I’m aware that this could be entirely untrue, but I choose to believe (call it blind faith) in ET involvement when referencing our species.

So far we are told the countries listed below have ties with certain species.

United States: Paul Hellyer (Former Canadian Defense Minister) has claimed that the US are cohorts with the Tall Whites. Others say that certain branches of the government have agreements with the Greys, suggesting that there is an exchange of American civilians (purposes unknown) for technology.

Germany: There are claims that Nazi Germany had established contact with the above mentioned Tall Whites and Nordic blondes. While the current theme is that the majority of races want global stability, it appears that less than a century ago they were interested in our world being under one form of control, and to achieve that by any means necessary. The change of heart more than likely came from the use of the atomic bomb, which of course poses a threat beyond the scope of Earth.

Saudi Arabia: Some say that a race of “shape shifting” Reptillians are involved with the middle-eastern nation, possibly even posing as royalty (that one is out there, even for me, but interesting nonetheless).

While there are more rumors, and honestly all of this is rumor and speculation, I didn’t see much that had a lot of backing. If anyone has read about other involvement feel free to post. Any/all responses and criticism are welcome!

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