Enormous craft in 1996

UK 1996, I stood in our bedroom on the top floor looking out over the garden, when I saw a search light. It was curious because it was so incredibly bright. I first thought it belonged to a massive airliner but of course they wouldn’t fly over a town that low.
I saw a triangular craft, with three lights [one in each corner] and in the middle was this really bright search light illuminating the gardens.
I almost freaked and called my husband to come up quickly.

He didn’t hear me and I was getting frustrated, still keeping an eye on that thing [no camera phones handy yet].
I got frustrated from shouting and ran downstairs, saying really quickly “FFS, there is a UFO, come quick”.
Husband got up and I ran back.

Thing was gone.

I even ran outside afterwards to check but it was nowhere to be seen. Now, my going downstairs only took about 30 sec. It had been standing still in the air for some time as I was watching it. In order to suddenly disappear it had to be flying very fast or maybe just switched off it’s lights.

I also had the feeling it was man made, why would something have lights? Why was it searching in back gardens of a medium town in Bedfordshire?

It seems that the mid 1990s were when the triangles emerged.

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