Does lightning storm reveal a UFO?

Okay, I have to admit that this video came to my attention through the much hated SecureTeam channel. I am not linking that here, rather I am linking the direct source of the video clip, which forms part of the larger clip on ST10. It purports to reveal a triangular shaped craft in the sky, lit during a lightning surge. The original video does not expand on the clip, it does not attempt to enlarge or slow down any sections of the 12 second long video.

Here it is…

From the examination done by ST10, what I first took to probably be a cloud, appears to possess a triangular, slightly curved form with the semblance of structure and light and shade. It does appear too solid to be a cloud. The original uploader’s YouTube channel has no other UFO clips, which puts a genuine slant on the video, although I have to question why he was filming the storm and why only 12 seconds…which may or may not be down to the app he was using. The uploader offers no attempts to explain what he saw or why he was filming in the first place.

Despite the mistrust of ST10, I do find it interesting to go to the original source and strip away the underlying sense of deceit. Any thoughts and thanks for taking a look.

**EDIT** I seem to be having problems with getting the clip to play. Here is a direct link but if anyone can fix this, it would be appreciated.…

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