Dissonance Dissipation: UnReal Reality? The Psy-Ops of Sky/ Space Fakery.



Along a sort of theme in my most recent interests, I hereby present a little pet theory on ‘weird # in the sky’ phenomena, unfolding in recent years. The main theme of my recent interests has been space-woo, in particular the BS images NASA insists on putting out as ‘genuine astrophotography’ from ISS, satellites & probes. I am not a flat-earther, and indeed fully believe that the flat-earth ‘movement’ is a case of clever disinformation, catching a ride on the waves of low/so-so educated, politically disaffected folk who feel very, very let down by establishment science, but in particular, with deep unrest at the plainly BS images of our Earth/Moon system being pimped by NASA.

People look at the NASA frauds – the ‘composites’ & blatant animations-dressed-as-video, and they feel really, really pissed off, and really, really confused about WHY such blatant BS is being touted as genuine astrophotography. I mean, sometimes NASA imagery looks amazing, such as recent flybys of Saturn… But then there’s that infamous ‘lunar transit’ animation (which is claimed as genuine video of the event, when plainly, a 12 yr old can see that it’s a crappy animation).

My upcoming thread will deal with the exact reasons which I suspect are at the heart of these crappy NASA frauds, and that’s a big thread. This one, is a little spinoff – much in the way that flat earth disinformation was a convenient spinoff from the fraudulent imagery of our Earth & Moon.

The premise of this thread is with regards to the use of high technology to generate effects in the sky, from the perspective of an earthbound observer. Why would ‘they’ (the technocratic elite) do such a thing? Well, they’d do it because it’s one more way in which they can cause ‘shock & awe’ effects to placate or terrify an earthbound, low-tech, low-education public. My other thread today covered the possibility that the ‘sky sounds’ which have been heard in recent years may be the effect of a high-technology psy-op originating with the infamous ‘Black Knight’ satellite.

Black Knight – Sky Sounds?

I do believe that the Black Knight is real, and represents an ancient technology which was used for multiple purposes, including, potentially, psy-ops against the native human populace, to placate them re: contact with the ‘gods’.

In the same vein, I feel fairly certain now that either ‘we’ (humans of the technocratic elite) or ‘they’ (the Watchers, or a legacy civilisation founded in their wake) are responsible for a modern wave of high technology sky effects which are even more insidious than the supposed ‘Blue Beam’ project ever was. I say this because these weird sun/moon/sky effects of mass stupefaction – which are really stacking up on YouTube now – are coming hot on the heels of not only the ‘flat earth’ disinformation, but in fact they’re tapping into a modern undercurrent of severe existential doubt.

We’ve been faced with so much news in recent years regarding the possibility that our universe – the grand majesty which is ‘out there’ – is ‘nothing more than a hologram’, or perhaps, it is said that the material universe is in some other way, ‘Maya’, or illusory (thinking of that ‘error-correcting computer code in quantum theory equations’ story of a couple of years back..)

Combine existential uncertainty with:

– the frustration of NASA fakery
– the ominous ‘sky sounds’
– the plain weirdness of the flat earth movement (which developed due to the NASA fakery, imho)

And then we find ourselves confronted with an utterly insane array of ‘psy-op sky effects’.


This may seem like much ado about nothing to those who are secure in their beliefs – but let it be absolutely understood that there is a vast, crowd of humans who, in the face of such aberrant effects – whether only one or two, or several in tandem – will literally have their brains turned to mush, if the day should come when ‘FLASHING SUN effect’ steps away from a small Nigerian church conference, and steps into the view of wide areas of the continental United States. If the government were to declare martial law, the majority – particularly if the sun is turned to sackcloth, ‘ala Revelations’ – will line up & do as they’ve been told to do. FEMA (vs. National Guard)..?

Has anybody seen the (fairly new) movie called ‘Bushwick’..?


It’s a great film, exploring an apparently straightforward ‘new US civil war’ scenario, where a private mercenary force from the South invades Northern territory & begins slaying civilians seemingly without rhyme or reason. As the movie progresses, it all seems pretty standard, until the final scene. When you suddenly realise, that perhaps – just perhaps – there is no demilitarised zone where civilians can be evacuated. Instead, it was all a ruse to separate out those who would fight towards the objective of evacuation, and those who would cower quietly in their homes as the invading force carried out murderous sweeps in random fashion throughout the residential areas.

That’s precisely how a totalitarian mercenary-enabled usurper state would filter out everyone who might organise an uprising.

Welcome to the NWO!

If we saw the full gamut of all these funky ‘sky signs’, combined with general loss of utilities, an invasion or domestic terror event of some sort, perhaps exotic military craft in the skies, banks shutting down money clearing services, etc, it would be quite easy to rick-roll a previously ordered society into submission, filtering out the potential ‘troublemakers’ (freedom fighters) in the process.

Particularly if a large chunk of those who might otherwise consider themselves ‘informed’ on conspiratorial matters were suffering dissonance, wondering if all the funky talk of flat earth & cosmic illusion was actually ‘true’.

That’s the theory!

Check out these videos doing the rounds. Yes, many of the ‘suggested for you’ links will be fakes. That’s par for the course considering we’re dealing in disinformation at scale. They’re gaining traction, for good reason.. (Hint = NASA fakery of Earth/Moon!)

Flashing Sun, Nigeria:

Red Sun (natural event, to all but the ‘unrealists’, for whom it is one more piece of ‘evidence’):

Compilation (incl. Black Sackcloth Sun; PS – narrator is nuts..):

Lunar Hologram (NB – I believe in ‘holographic shielding’ technology on the Moon; I do not see it as human tech):

Remember – it doesn’t all have to be genuine – only enough to ensure that A CRITICAL MASS of self-identified ‘awake’ folk find validation & progress the movement – shouting across YouTube & elsewhere:



A self-sustaining, growing mass of people who are convinced that Reality is not what they thought it to be, unable to trust anything that anyone in authority says to them – confirmation bias builds, due to Earth/Moon system ‘coincidences’/ OOP artefacts/ NASA fakery.

Easy to manipulate/ segregate/ eliminate?

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