Congress appears to be investigating ufos.


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Ima gonna let the cat out the bag now….
Govern mentalities are hype men they are just warming you up, the big guys are coming may day 2020, everything will be revealed then, you guys just need to keep it bubbling over in your conscious and soon you will be introduced to truth.

For a specific date there needs to be a catalyst of some sort… if there’s a remote chance that revealing aliens would yield panic or revolts, they would not do so. This could be because of two things, aliens are actually and have always controlled Earth as a proxy state, or aliens found us by accident and are using us as slaves, since the governments have no choice but to obey them.

If the intentions were good and beneign, the same aliens could simply demand of governments that they disclose everything and propel us into the next evolution level. Of course we could also be caught in a “prove yourself worthy” situation, but that would most likely mean that we were able to show that we could atleast co-operate as one race, and live in balance with the planet. Two things we currently are completely unable to achieve for some reason.

Last option would be that we were visited, the craft crashed. Maybe it was a scout vessel or science vessel. Tech being kept secret or drip fed to us. Maybe we were able to deduce the intent of the occupants and that they were indeed here to invade at some point.

But that last one would again be dangerous to come forth with. Sheer panic… Would be like telling everyone that the next large meteor was on a direct course for Earth and would end in an ELE.

So I see no reason that ANYTHING would be said later than sooner, unless we are headed for a point of no return, where it is simply impossible to keep in under wraps. In other words. If the message was good, the moment of disclosure would be “now”…. if bad… as late as possible.

So again… why 2020? And can we kill them with the flu?

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