Bomber groomed? FBI patsy Former lawyer States He doesnt have the Mind for that level of thinking

I read it on fox news where a previous lawyer stated he was surprised that it was him, that he didn’t think he had that level of mental capacity if i could only find it now think about how much evidence this guy has against him it’s the perfect storm years in the making?? who knows just thought id throw it out there

Notice the focus is on the van and the stickers? Where did he buy the material or look up information to build these bombs ? and as political as that guy was wouldnt he be aware that mail going to politicians is screened ?? wasnt it just a few weeks ago that some people got a ricin package of castor beans?

Here’s a vid of his van close up and all the way around..…

Also look at the other topics your being distracted from SA, CARAVAN, NBC, Russia, GAZA, ect ect…. ok im done.

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