Are aliens fake?


You have to be skeptical when news agencies start posting the same stuff

Fox news

New York post

I mean I know aliens aren’t proven to be real but it’s like a general consensus that there’s a possibility that they could exist or exist somewhere in the universe.

The deep state which is the military industrial complex and shadow government,which is the intelligence agencies. The two terms are not one in the same, They have been controlling things for a while, a long time way before 9/11 which we all know was a false flag and the Fake intel about the WMD’s.

It’s a non partisan issue they are not left over Obama operatives they were there before Obama and Bill Clinton, Ever since they were created they had way too much power and secrecy, Even if you were disband the CIA that same influence, Power and intimidation would remain they’re just leeching tax payers, and have been funding and stashing who knows what for who knows how long, JFK repeatedly lashed with and ultimately ending up firing his director of the CIA because he wasn’t in favor of secrecy.

And when JFK was asassinated his death was investigated by the Warren Comission which was was led by the same Allen Dulles director of the CIA that JFK had fired every knows the CIA controls the most U.S media outlets operates outside of the U.S constitution and does whatever they want.

It’s probably why Trump set up a space force, And why the Trump-Putin summit looked like that because theres a war between the elected government and the shadow government where the pretty much ended up forcing him to say he believes the Russia meddled because he’d look like he believes Vladimir Putin over his own U.S intelligence.

What if they were to set up a Hollywood propaganda False flag alien campaign where they invading countries, adavnced algorithms hacking computers, Manilulating power grids complete with hundreds of thousands of drones, facial recognition, A.I, Black budget technology etc. To implement international courts, Martial law, And the rest of the common NWO conspiracies..

How would you react, would you believe aliens are real, How do you think various leaders of different countries react? Is it the ultimate conspiracy would we have no choice but to join the NWO?

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