Another Military Encounter With A UFO: Revisiting The 1952 Topcliffe Incident


The Tic Tac shaped AAV (Anomalous Aerial Vehicle) that was seen by F-18 pilots and radar operators aboard the USS Nimitz and other US Navy vessels back in 2004, made the headlines this year, due to the released infrared footage of the encounter back in December 2017. There have been many incidents in the past, where military personnel have encountered unknown craft that were tracked on radar and performed aerial maneuvers that were beyond the capabilities of known earthy aircraft. One such case occurred in 1952.

On September 19, 1952, an aircrew of five men witnessed a circular silver object above the airfied at RAF Tocliffe in North Yorkshire, England. It appeared to the men that this object was traveling on a similar course as a descending Meteor jet, before disappearing at an incredible speed.

Location of RAF Tocliffe in North Yorkshire:

Picture of a British Meteor jet:

The commanding officer of these men, Flight Lt. John Kilburn, of the 269 Squadron, filed a report on this sighting.

One month after the sighting at RAF Tocliffe, a flight instructor, Flight Lieutenant Robert Swiney and his Royal Navy student, witnessed three saucer shaped UFOs while flying a Meteor jet from the RAF’s flying school at Little Rissington, Gloucestertshire. Swiney and his student, Lieutenant David Crofts, were both shaken by this encounter and ended the training flight earlier than planned. Upon returning to base, both men were interviewed by the Air Ministry team. Lt. Crofts recalled that Air Intelligence mentioned to him that the UFOs were picked up on radar and that fighter jets had been scrambled to intercept the target.

It was later discovered that these men’s statements had been destroyed and that nearly all records of UFO reports were routinely shredded prior to 1962. The only surviving document pertaining to this incident is a reference made in the flying school’s record book. The document states that “three mysterious saucer shaped objects” were sighted and that “Air Ministry discounted any possibility of extraterrestrial objects.”

@ Location of flying school at Little Rissington, Gloucestershire:

Surviving reference to Little Rissington sighting:

The author of the book, The UFO Files, David Clarke, interviewed Ret. Flight Lieutenant Michael Swiney in 2004 about the incident. Michael Swiney stated:…

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