An evolving outlook regarding Ufology and the ETH


I saw a twitter post recently by Red Pill Junkie regarding UFOs and the ETH. I can’t remember the exact wording but it was along the lines of saying that if you’ve reached 35yrs old and still subscribed to the “nuts & bolts” hypothesis then there’s something wrong. It got me thinking and I realised that my “estimate of the situation” has evolved over time along those lines. I suspect that I’m not alone when I say that the more research and I have done into the matter, the more confused I have become.

The first book I picked up on the subject was “Above Top Secret” by Timothy Good. It contained a lot of reports on separate incidents from a variety of credible witnesses, many of whom were in the armed services or employed in other responsible occupations such as radar operators or police officers. I remember being amazed by the sheer volume of similar testimony and being absolutely convinced that advanced craft from a distant solar system were visiting us in highly advanced but solid, this dimension, metal machines. That was it, case closed, just sit back and wait for disclosure. Well, it didn’t quite pan out like that. I sometimes think that progressing through the various ufology authors is similar to the progression from soft to hard drugs. I started off with the cannabis equivalents such as the aforementioned Mr Good, Stanton Friedman and “Clear Intent” by Greenwood & Fawcett. Next was the middle ground – the amphetamines of the abduction authors such as Hopkins, Mack & Jacobs but it wasn’t long before I was on the hard stuff, the heroin of Vallee and Jung. I did take the odd detour into related side topics such as near death experiences, remote viewing, cryptozoology, crop circles and of course conspiracy (after all, they were lying to us about UFOs so why not everything else?).

Nowadays I wouldn’t even like to take a guess as to the root of the phenomena. I think people like Graham Hancock, Greg Bishop, Grant Cameron & Richard Dolan talk a lot of sense (mostly) but I also think that the waters are being muddied by fantasists & charlatans – yes Wilcock, Hoagland, Goode, Cramer, Salla, Eisenhower and Basiago, I’m talking about you. Mr Lazar, I’ll reserve judgement on you for now, DeLonge, please be careful – the big boys you’re playing with can be very mean, just ask the relatives of Paul Bennewitz. The rise of YouTube and podcasting has certainly made it easier to get information out but it has also opened the consumer up to delusional nutters and conmen. The subject is incredibly strange and complex already, it really doesn’t need the waters muddying further.

I did walk away from the subject a few years back because I was tired of being told that disclosure was imminent or that a disaster was looming. None of these predictions ever came to pass and while I never stopped believing that we were interacting with external intelligences I did stop believing in the community as a whole and I did think that the chaff totally obscured the wheat. Even that pillar of certainty, The Roswell Incident, was falling apart and with each exaggeration and lie that was exposed a little part of me died inside. However, I just can’t stay away, the subject is just too intriguing. I hope I find some clarity this time around but I won’t be holding my breath. I was just interested to see if my outlook and journey was a common one. I’m fairly new to ATS but not to the subjects talked about on here, I don’t even dare to hope that I’ll find answers to my questions, I just want some solace and company on my journey.

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