Amazon is price gouging big time HUGE!


Does anyone shop on Amazon, especially for consumer electronics like PC’s and peripherals and gadgets?

If so, have you noticed the way that Amazon, in the most cunning way imaginable, suddenly alter prices, sometimes by hundreds of dollars (upward)?, and how they have these resellers (could even be Amazon sock puppets), selling the same product for hundreds, even 1000’s of dollars over the lowest price, to play on the stupidity of people with too much money to spend and who lack the good sense to do some checking before they click through their shopping cart.

They know that people get certain ideas in their heads about having a certain thing (attachment), and that there are a lot of ignorant rich folks who impulse shop at the click of a button.. say forgetting what the price was when they placed in on their wishlist.

I’ve seen this happen in my wish list, basically the shopping list I make as I await more work pay etc to get the nice things I really want or have always wanted (in this case a gaming PC and super ultra wide 49 inch Samsung gaming monitor). Previously I waited for prices to drop, then suddenly and decisively blew about 5500.00, and I got really good price points by checking and rechecking.

I hadn’t become a big spender yet ie: it could have been just a “wish” list without intent to purchase.

So as I built my wish list, the prices began to drop, with Amazon honestly reporting drops in price, which happened both on the monitor (dropped 300 from 1500 to 1200) and the gaming rig (dropped a few hundred on what was once a 2800 machine).

However, once or twice, they gave me a changed price that was much higher than what it was when on my wishlist, in the case of headset, by about 60 bucks and now on a TrackIR device, like 100 bucks more.

But once I made my purchases, and struck, things got worse in this regard..

There seems to be another level of trickiness to this price game and back and forth struggle with Amazon, soon to be the most successful company and the most influencial (CIA, Washington Post, etc) in the world today.

It’s like I’m wrestling with a pricing algorithm that hopes to trip me up if I were to let my guard down.

Others are not so discriminating, which brings me to my point.

If Amazon are running price gouging algorithms against their customers, particularly on larger ticket items like consumer electronics, then just think about this for a moment, running across the board…

I’m just one person, and if I wasn’t smart about things, I could have ended up getting screwed by 100’s of dollars, easily!

And they’re SNEAKY about it, they will try to dupe you into buying the thing you wanted before, based on a perceived value and impulse, at a much higher price, as if they can determine the price based on nothing but a whim or a well educated guess say on the part of the AI algorithm.

An AI crook and criminal at the heart of the interaction. “Oh, we really took that guy, let’s try it again, but up the price by 500 or 1000.00, or 1000’s and see if they might still buy it some of them and if so who and how many” – can the human behavior towards buying stuff be anticipated by the algorithm?

If they can get away with it, they’ll put one past you and price gouge you.

When considered in the largest context of their entire inventory, my God, that’s the crime of the century. It’s criminal!

Very easy to detect and prove as well.

But nobody even bothers, because it’s just Amazon selling stuff and if you’re dumb enough to throw away your money to their tricky algorithm, well that’s your own fault – but it’s just not right to prey upon people and unwittingly dupe them into giving you way more money than the value of the product – and if this is distributed across the board..?!

Shopping on Amazon, can make you feel like you’re stocking a criminal who’s stalking you as potential financial prey, if you’ll let them get away with it.

This is like big time criminal, if true, and it is true.

I can’t be the only one to feel like getting a reasonable deal at amazon is like trying to avoid falling into a den of thieves and a pit of snakes.

Best regards,


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