Aliens as Evolved Non-Biological Life Forms

Somewhere while debating someone on my theory that a non-biological life form could evolve without any biological, such as Human, life
having anything to do with it – He said impossible – But we all know better – Never say immpossible – For example:

“Beware. Scientists are Creating Machines That Can Evolve on Their Own”

“Forget what you see in movies. Most robots sit in a factory somewhere doing dull, repetitive work. Even if their software does dream of a more interesting job, their physical form remains fixed from the day they’re assembled to the moment they’re junked. But it doesn’t have to be that way, say pioneers of “evo devo robo”—evolutionary developmental robotics, which applies principles of natural selection and biological development to machine design………..”
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Now of course we are talking about state of the art [a few years ago] Human development of machines that we can program to evolve
in a similar way that biology evolved on Earth.

So I ask you Alien/UFO followers – Why not believe that at least some, if not all Alien/UFO phenomena is being generated by evolved
robotic machines [ie. androids] that never were biological lke – Species of beings that evolved from matter without the need to be
in anyway biological ?

This might help to explain the strange way UFOs move and change direction at very high speeds that would kill any biological life form
because of the high G forces.

This might also help to explain the abductions and cold scientific way they are carried out – It is nothing personal
– These beings began to observe biological life, maybe for the first time in the 20th Century – And they see biological life as an anomaly,
and want to study it.

What we may find in the future when we get out into deep space is that we are strange and biological life is rare
– We may find a universe teeming with non-biological life.

What do you think Human

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