Alien sighting around my town.

I’m prefacing this with I do believe in aliens and wonder about many things but that’s where it stops. I disregard crazies speaking about their in-depth abduction encounters when said abductee can hardly English, or speak of galactic federations, etc. And those people are always flooding decent alien threads.

Anyway, at the end of last month a supposed alien was spotted around my town:…

“7 to 8 feet tall, dark tan to light brown skin and had no body hair.” Obviously when I read that I figured it was just a naked meth head running around in a cornfield, because ….. well ….. there’s a whole lot of them roaming these streets late at night.

But then I stumbled upon a gentlemen on Facebook that posted that same night about seeing street lights go out close to 13, after he saw what he initially thought was green lightning, and the railroad lights started to flash and the gate went down.

The gentlemen who saw said creature is a retired 24-year old Air force member that supposedly holds a top-secret clearance, what ever that may be worth.

So I just figured I’d share, since I used to live close to that area. (And two years ago around 10PM on my drive to work my wife and I saw a bunch of fire-orange lights doing crazy formations in the sky, forming a triangle before disappearing totally. Every person on the road pulled over to watch. It was crazy.)

Hope you guys enjoyed this little story that stroked the town with excitement.

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