Above Majestic: The Implications of a Secret Space Program ©

Everyone’s favorite self-proclaimed Edgar Cayce look-a-like David Wilcock has returned with some new “COSMIC DOWNLOAD” for you plebs. Of course he brought his boy Corey Goode who was age regressed and was part of the “SSP” Secret Space Program.

Great part is, Corey Goode is trying to patent SSP, Secret Space Program and a few others I believe, kinda bs when you think about all the work that predates these two ass-hat charlatans.

Goode claims it’s so that he can tell who is lying about their experiences because of certain phrases and thus he needs to copyright them to protect us dumb dumbs out here.

Kinda funny considering these two cakes literally steal experiencers stories and try to tie their bs into whatever current events are going on. I love how Wilcock will make retarded claims then vanish for a while only to resurface with some equally stupid #.


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