a UFOnaut inside a military base?! frimley,england 1974 humanoid encounters

Another mystery…..

I still don’t buy that the “Greys” are standing there, or walking around on Earth, in the Nude.

To my way of thinking, they would obviously be wearing some sort of environmental protection suit, that was skin tight, probably UV protectant, with some means of keeping out Earth Germs, and a head covering that covered their mouth and ears, but perhaps could let or filter breathable gasses to them, and large dark eye patches, the same way we wear sunglasses.
If they are from the many Dwarf “Red” star systems, there life would be tuned to the red light spectrum, so they would “See” different to us Earthlings with our White light star, so would need eye protection and skin protection from our environment, even at Earth night time perhaps.

A blue/Greenish light, does seem to be a feature of many of these encounters, supposed, from these times.

Perhaps it is the only spectrum they can correctly see in.

But what do I know? I dont believe in this stuff anyway……………..

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