A Pair of WWII Bunkers in New Orleans Contains 7 Million Fish

From the article:

“Hidden in a bend of the Mississippi River just south of New Orleans, 29 concrete bunkers lie on a grid of dirt and grass roads. Some hold remnants from the past—40-year-old gas masks and biohazard signs still hang on a wall. Most of them have been abandoned for decades. But inside two of those bunkers, 15 million fish eyes stare at the walls through the glass of their jars. This is the Royal D. Suttkus Fish Collection, the largest collection of preserved fish in the world, and almost no one knows it exists.”

This is definitely something I have never heard of before. Anyone familiar with same?

And deeper into the article:

“Because the property was not designed to accommodate visitors, they do not have the capacity to open to the public, and so they remain an unintentional secret outside of the ichthyology bubble.”

“But Mann is trying to change that. He’s recently started to do outreach projects to spread the word that the collection exists, that it’s important, and that it needs the public’s support. The situation is even more precarious because of the property. The land itself is an unofficial wildlife preserve and a trove of archeological treasures and history waiting to be discovered.”

Anyone up for a treasure hunt?

Source: www.atlasobscura.com…

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