5G Total Mind Control For All ~ Operation Crimson Mist


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Just watched your video and it made me put my head in my hand’s feeling so ashamed that ANY human being would do this to another for these reason’s.

Mass culling of the human population is actually NOT in any way at all essential but it is being slowly introduced and brainwashed into the human population as an idea under the claim that there is not enough water, not enough food and not enough land when in fact there is far more than enough water, far more than enough food and food production potential and far more than enough land to feed a population at least five time’s the current global population.

The real reason they want to destroy people is the same reason the elite of the time kept the first world war going long after it should have ended, the same reason the elite feared the mass of the population after the French revolution.

They fear losing there own power, they have always murdered people, always enslaved them and always regarded themselves as a breed apart.

Take all the land in Eurasia and Mongolia currently not (or extremely scarcely) populated or cultivated, vast field’s of waving grass filled step land’s that with poly-tunnels (or a biodegradable alternative to the old polythene) could have there climate regulated, there soil fertilized and vast yields of crop’s produced.
The same for part’s of Canada as well, even the vast pampas of Argentina.

Water – control it to control the people even in areas were precipitation is extremely prevalent and reliable such as the UK were a party of our MP’s has called for compulsory water meters – while the water over here was sold off to private investor’s by a Previous Tory Government, the real reason they want compulsory water meters has nothing to do with leak’s or water loss or even water rationing but to make money off of it for the private organization whom they are (Actually illegally under UK rules) acting as corporate spokespeople and lobbyists for and of course it is a step toward population control, of course having vast reservoir’s feeding our population there water supply has already been used to poison much of the western world reducing male fertility and making the population docile with various water soluble compound’s and chemical’s having been introduced most often with the general public completely unaware that his had happened and often with Chlorine introduced to mask the taste or smell of the other compound’s under the blanket cover of water purification.

I very much believe that if we knew what was really going on in our leaders and more importantly (Since they are most often nothing but mindless and witless puppets of the real powers) the mind’s and intentions of those that pull there string’s then the general public would likely already have lynched the lot of them a long time ago.

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And let’s not forget Floating farm’s, the ocean is vast, we could and do need to clean it up but it is also one of the finest natural resources we have, not only for fish and wave and wind power but also for it’s huge expanse of open space which we are sorely under using to our shame as a supposedly developed and evolved species of sentient being’s.
Instead now mining consortium’s are planning to strip mine and pollute the ocean’s by strip mining the ocean bottom’s of the world in what has to be called NON eco friendly engineering method’s of mining and all this at a time when the ocean’s are appalling ill due to our pollution, run off of vile chemical pesticides and other substances as well as our lazy disposal of sewerage in many part of the world (the Sewerage is not the problem but what else we flush down our toilets most certainly is.

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