Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in Hemel Hempstead, England


This traditional Thai temple lets you escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Its majestic, manicured grounds are an oasis of calm within a chaotic world.

The Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, which is rooted in the Thai Forest Tradition, opened in 1984 to create a space for inward reflection. To this day, it still has a full time community of male and female monks and nuns, as well as a steady stream of day visitors.

The main temple hall is made from large wooden beams designed to promote an atmosphere of serenity. Inside, monks, students, and casual visitors alike sit silently under the watchful eye of a huge gold statue of the Buddha. The grounds, which are dotted with Buddhist sculptures, are wonderfully peaceful to wander around.

The public is welcome to pop into this sanctuary for a day visit or the weekly meditation workshop. But if you’re looking to go deeper, you can also book a stay at the monastery’s retreat center, where you’ll spend days immersed in meditation, prayer, and Buddhist teachings.

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