NASA Announces: “We Are Returning To The Moon — To Stay”

NASA has recently revealed a $2.6bn plan that will see the United States return to the Moon. In order to do so, the Space Agency will mostly rely on private firms to build the necessary lunar landers and promises that a manned base on the moon will exist within a decade.

The last time NASA landed a spacecraft on the lunar surface was in December 1972. Some would say it is time we returned there.

NASA has revealed a stunning new planet to take America back to the moon. To do so, the space agency will rely on a number of private firms to run the missions.

According to the space agency, they will collaborate with nine private firms, ranging in size from small startups to experienced company like Lockheed Martin, that will develop the necessary technologies to take America back to the moon.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said that a manned lunar base will exist within the decade.

And to show that they mean business, NASA’s first lunar mission could launch as early as next year.

“We’re building the next chapter of American exploration, returning to the moon – to stay,” the space agency announced in a statement.

“I think that it is possible we can have a presence on the moon with humans within a decade. We’re going to utilize the resources of the moon, and take this all the way to Mars,” said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

Bridenstine, who is a former U.S. Navy fighter pilot said that the new plan to take America to the moon was part of President Trump’s Space Directive-1 policy. 

“Today’s announcement marks tangible progress in America’s return to the Moon’s surface to stay,” he said. 

“The innovation of America’s aerospace companies, wedded with our big goals in science and human exploration, are going to help us achieve amazing things on the Moon and feed forward to Mars,” Bridenstine added.

To create a continues Moon presence, NASA aims to establish the so-called Commercial Lunar Payload Services Program (CLIPS), which will enable us to come up with the necessary technology to achieve all the goals set forth. 

Returning to the moon isn’t an easy task, nor is it a cheap one.

It will require around $2.6bn for the project, and NASA will have to work with a lot of people and companies to have all the required technology ready on time.

“We want multiple providers that are competing on cost and innovation,” Bridenstine added.

Bridenstine also explained that this time, NASA wasn’t joking around about setting foot on the moon again.

Conspiracy Theorists Thought They Un-Masked NASA, And Then The Internet Humiliated Them With Facts

The Apollo 11 moon landing is a momentous historical event that over 100 million Americans watched on television in 1969. But conspiracy theorists are still peddling claims that they were faked and now have a new one they think has exposed NASA. They were wrong.

“We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all people,” President John F. Kennedy declared in 1962 while announcing in a speech that the United States is aiming to walk on the moon in the name of scientific research and national pride.

“We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too.”

Here’s the full speech via YouTube:

And just like that, the space race entered a new and exciting phase that would see Kennedy’s vision become reality seven years later when astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the lunar surface, with Armstrong uttering the immortal words:

“That’s one small step for man — and one giant leap for mankind.”

Speaking of steps, conspiracy theorists are now trying to use the footprints left by them to make the claim that Armstrong and Aldrin never really walked on the moon.

A meme has been popping up comparing a footprint on the moon to Neil Armstrong’s boots that have been preserved along with the rest of his space suit at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

It’s basically a “gotcha” image used by someone who clearly did not bother to do any real research or ask any questions before jumping straight to the conclusion that NASA must be lying to us.

For instance, the footprint is not even Neil Armstrong’s. It belongs to Buzz Aldrin, who was snapping photographs during his own moonwalk so that scientists could study the surface better.

Aldrin even posted the image on Twitter in 2015.

“I only took a few photos on the moon and this one was to show how the lunar dust was like talcum powder,” he wrote.

According to NASA:

“The astronaut photographed his own footprint to permit later study of the lunar surface bearing strength. The thin, crusty appearance of the surface was similar to that discovered during the Surveyor soil mechanics experiments.”

In addition, Aldrin’s boots and the iconic pattern on the bottoms can be seen as he descends a ladder after leaving the lunar module.

The boot is known as the overshoe designed for the A7LB Space Suit. The special boots were worn by both astronauts for extra protection over their spacesuit boots, which are visible in the photograph in the meme.

“Notice how the footprint matches the boot sole in the second image,” NASA added.

Here’s an image Armstrong took of Aldrin on the moon wearing the same boots. And you can even see the footprints around him.

As has been demonstrated by NASA and Aldrin, the bootprint matches the actual boot worn over the original spacesuit boots.

So, what happened to Armstrong’s boots?

Well, the astronauts could not take everything back to Earth with them. They needed to leave behind any extra weight that would not be needed in order to make room for soil and rock samples. Thus, along with about 99 other items, both pairs of overshoes are still on the moon along with the footprints they made 50 years ago.

Many moon landing conspiracies, including this one, have already been repeatedly debunked by fact-checkers over the years.

For some reason, some people refuse to believe that humans had the determination and technological capability to make it to the moon. But it took years of research, inventions, and failures to get us there. People actually died in the effort. Armstrong and Aldrin and the others who had the privilege to walk on the moon risked their lives for it. We can never forget that, and their courage should always be honored.

The moon landings were not staged inside a studio. Our astronauts were there. They lived it and there are photographs and samples from the lunar surface to prove it. Besides, as Aldrin has pointed out, even the Russians admit that the United States landed on the moon, or else they would have exposed it long before now.

Perhaps, one day soon, we will go back to the moon and retrace the Apollo 11 mission so that more modern photographic evidence can be provided to those who still doubt that science has taken us to the moon and back. Until then, the next mission NASA is planning is a manned trip to Mars. And then the conspiracy theorists will have something else to accuse NASA of faking.

Featured Image: Wikimedia

Google Moon Reveals Bizarre ‘Pyramid Structure’ On the Moon’s Surface

Did Google Earth—Moon—just expose an alien structure on the Moon?

According to UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists, there’s a bizarre pyramid structure located on the Moons surface, and it may be the ultimate evidence of alien structures on the lunar surface.

For decades have humans speculated that we may not be the only species in the universe. This idea has become quite popular lately as millions of people around the world seemed to be more convinced than ever that humans have been visited for decades by beings, not from Earth. Some even claim that those interstellar visitors have even visited the moon, where they built extremely advanced alien bases.

Now, a new YouTube video allegedly shows evidence of alien structures on the lunar surface.

Some authors and UFO hunters went as far as stating that the odd formation may be evidence of advanced ancient alien civilizations building structures on the moon before written history.

The oddly shaped lunar formation was spotted by Argentinian UFO hunter Marcelo Irazusta as he scoured Google Earth’s moon viewing software trying to find something out of place.

Little did he know that he would actually find something that does indeed look out of place.

According to Irazusta—one of the many UFO hunters who go through Google Satellite Images in search of alien proof—there’s a structure on the Moon’s surface that is massive: it stretches around two hundred meters into space.

Irazusta, who uploaded his discovery via video on YouTube believes the odd lunar formation is not the result of nature.

People who rushed to view his video seemed to agree with him, as countless commentators called out NASA for covering up alien life and alien structures on the Moon.

Obviously, as all alien related videos, skeptics jumped on board and gave their opinion about the odd structure saying that it’s not a pyramid, it is not evidence of aliens, it’s just a rendering issue.

For those who want to check out the alleged Pyramid by themselves, the coordinates to find the structure on Google Moon are 20°48’45.54″N 25°59’50.89″ W.

And while many still believe that the discovery made by Irazusta is another important piece of evidence of alien structures, the truth is that although interesting, the video itself doesn’t prove anything at all.

For all we know, the alleged structure may just be a natural formation like a hill, or, as skeptics have suggested, just a mistake in the rendering process.

Having that said, that doesn’t mean there aren’t strange things on the moon.

As I have written about in the past, a number of strange discovers have been made on the moon.

Furthermore, as I explain in the article ‘Earth’s Space Station Moon: Was the Moon Created by Intelligent Design?’, there are countless enigmas that have aroused suspicion among scientists who studied the moon in the past. Robin Brett, a scientist from NASA who once said: “It seems easier to explain the non-existence of the Moon than its existence.

In 1970, two  Russian scientistsMikhail Vasin, and Alexander Shcherbakov published an article in the Soviet journal Sputnik called “Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence?”

The theory proposed by the two experts offers arguments that would explain the countless enigmas surrounding the moon and its creation.

Their scientific paper raised numerous questions about the moon and its formation which no other scientist at the time dared to ask. After all, mainstream experts were convinced Earthlings were the only intelligent species in the universe.

Despite the fact that their study received heavy criticism, the two Russian scientists made their point when writing about the moon and its countless mysteries. Read more about it here.

NASA Could Have People Living on the Moon in 8 Years. And That’s Just the Beginning

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NASA Could Have People Living on the Moon in 8 Years. And That’s Just the Beginning

Donald Trump signed the first of three Space Policy Directives, putting manned lunar exploration back at the top of the NASA agenda.

Amazon Owner Wants To Save Earth By Moving Heavy Industry To The Moon

One of the richest people on Earth, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and the space company Blue Origin, will work with NASA and ESA to create a permanent human settlement on the Moon.

The mission is simple, save Earth from heavy Industry, and give Earth’s environment a breather from pollution and industrial waste.

And even if Blue Origin cannot achieve public-private partnerships, Bezos will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

He laid out his plan during a talk at the International Space Development Conference, in Los Angeles. Mr. Bezos said the Moon is “the ideal place to industrially decongest the Earth and preserve it as a habitat for humans.”

A BIG step to save Earth

In the short term, Blue Origin’s goal is to reduce the cost of space travel, initially with its New Shepard suborbital spacecraft and then with its New Glenn orbital-class rocket in the 2020s.

In the long term, Mr. Bezos’ vision is to pave the way for millions of people to work in space.

Those people could simply live and work on hollowed-out asteroids, a concept that was proposed decades ago by Gerard K. O’Neill, a Princeton physicist whose ideas about space settlement fueled Bezos’s passion for reaching this final frontier.

The Future looks bright

In the way that the multimillionaire businessman sees it, moving the heavy industry to space powered by solar energy is the only way to guarantee that our planet can cope with the growing demand for energy. Amazon’s CEO sees this as a big opportunity to help preserve Earths environment, and save it for future generations.

As many before him, Mr. Bezos concluded: “We will have to leave this planet.”

Leaving Earth is going to improve this planet. We are going to come and go, and the people who want to stay will stay.

He added how Earth is not a very good place for heavy industry.

“It is convenient for us at this time. But in the not too distant future, I am talking about decades, maybe 100 years, it will become easier to do many of the things we do now on Earth in space, because that way we will have a lot of energy,” he predicted.

It’s as if someone made sure we’d have everything we need on the moon, and we just need to figure out a way to get there and stay.

As he laid out his plans, Bezos defended the usefulness of the Moon saying that Earth’s faithful companion in space is conveniently located, and we can reach it in a matter of days using the right propulsion system.

Scientists have determined that the Moon has water ice deposits near the poles that could be treated and turned into drinking water, breathable air and fuel for rechargeable rockets.

“It’s almost as if someone has prepared this for us,” Bezos added.

To facilitate the return of man to the moon, Blue Origin has a lunar lander on the drawing boards that is designed to deliver 5 tons of cargo to the Moon’s surface.

That’s strong enough to be used to transport people, and with enough support, it could start flying in the mid-2020s.

Featured Image Credit: Techspot

Copyrighting Space !

Nations, space companies, and even private citizens have big plans to colonize the Moon. But this reinvigorated focus on our nearest celestial neighbor have some worried that this mad dash could destroy historical lunar landmarks.

Yesterday, The White House issued a report calling for ways to protect Apollo-era landing sites, calling them “rich in scientific and historical significance.” Congress mandated the report in the NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017. Damage from exhaust blasts of nearby spacecraft, biological contamination, and the obliteration of tracks in the regolith are all concerns.

“Three Apollo sites remain scientifically active and all the landing sites provide the opportunity to learn about the changes associated with long-term exposure of human-created systems in the harsh lunar environment,” the report says. “Currently, very little data exists that describe what effect temperature extremes, lunar dust, micrometeoroids, solar radiation, etc. have on such man-made material.”


Between 1969 and 1972, astronauts left behind a lot of stuff, some of it experiments but mostly just things to help save weight for takeoff from the lunar surface. There are no legal definitions of “preservation” and the report relied on NASA’s Lunar Historic Site team to look at what’s there that might be worth saving. The list includes rovers, the descent and landing stages, laser ranging retroreflectors, footprints, and “trinkets” like astronaut boots, a gold olive branch, and a silicon disk “containing statements from leaders of 74 countries.”

The document also says that existing legal provisions like the 1967 Outer Space Treaty should make other nations abide by these preservation standards. “Any activities in space that could interfere with U.S. space objects—including equipment on the Moon—should include advance consultation with the United States,” the report says. “The United States continues to own and have jurisdiction over U.S. origin lunar equipment, and other states could be liable to damage to U.S. objects.”

Apollo 14 mission on the Moon’s surface.


That’s enough to bring federal wrath on any American company that disturbs an Apollo site. But the report also recommends opening dialog with other nations, while at the same time highlighting the difficulty of safeguarding the sites.

The report says that amending existing multilateral agreements or making a new one would provide explicit protections. But this may outweigh any benefits. “Some states might see a U.S.-led attempt to protect space artifacts as a subterfuge for securing indefinite rights over lunar territory,” the report says, “and perhaps even creating a mechanism to ‘plant the flag’ and claim additional territory in the future under the guise of preservation and protection of lunar sites and artifacts.”

Spaceships lined up on the side of the crater !

Did we really go to the moon? Yes, we definitely did. However, our research shows that many of the photos and video footage were faked.

“There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth’s protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief.”

– Neil Armstrong (source)

It wasn’t long ago that the Russian government called for an international investigation into the U.S. moon landings regarding missing samples and photos not released to the public. This created a new wave of interest into what really happened when the U.S. went up there, and led some to question if they even went there at all. The topic is filled with a number of interesting facts and statements from credible people that make one thing abundantly clear: Something fishy is happening on the moon, and we’re not being told about it.

This uncertainty has been made apparent by various sources, which include multiple Apollo astronauts, academics, and high-ranking military whistleblowers, not to mention official photos taken by NASA. According to Bob Dean, a United States Army Command Sergeant Major who also served at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) of NATO as an intelligence analyst, more footage exists, erased and hidden all these years, which we have never been told about:

Ladies and gentlemen, my government, NASA, which many of us in the United States say stands for Never A Straight Answer, proceeded to erase 40 rolls of film of the Apollo Program — the flight to the Moon, the flight around the Moon, the landings on the Moon, the walking guys here and there. They erased, for Christ’s sake, 40 rolls of film of those events. Now we’re talking about several thousand individual frames that were taken that the so-called authorities determined that you did not have a right to see. Oh, they were ‘disruptive,’ ‘socially unacceptable,’ ‘politically unacceptable.’ I’ve become furious. I’m a retired Command Sergeant Major. I was never famous for having a lot of patience. 

We will get into more intriguing facts later in the article. More points will be made about why so many people are starting to wonder if there is, or was, an alien presence on the moon. These points make it easier to consider the lore that surrounds the moon landing. Perhaps one of the most interesting points is what Neil Armstrong communicated to Houston when we landed on the moon.

According to multiple sources, after landing, the Apollo astronauts transmitted that they were being watched by enormous extraterrestrial vehicles.

Where Does This Claim Come From?

One source is Dr. Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project and The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). Greer was responsible for bringing forth high level military whistleblowers from all ranks to testify about the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon. He’s also had high level meetings within the Pentagon about this issue, which was verified by Apollo 14 astronaut and 6th man to walk on the moon, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, in Greer’s film Sirius Disclosure.

Edgar is one of multiple NASA astronauts who have made some eye-opening comments about the extraterrestrial presence.

According to Greer, from a blog post a couple years ago (and if this link doesn’t work, you can check out a video of him speaking about the experience here):

Close friends and very close family members of both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have separately told me that indeed there were numerous, large UFOs around the crater where the Lunar Module landed and that these were seen by both Armstrong and Aldrin. I have also spoken to military officers that have seen the footage of this event- but it has never been made public. One close family member of Buzz Aldrin told me “It is not my place to out Buzz on this- someday if he can speak about it, he will…

Neil Armstrong became somewhat of a recluse after the moon landing, and rarely spoke of the historic event. His friends and family have told me that this is because he was a man of such integrity that he simply did not want to be put in a position to lie to the public about such a momentous encounter. How tragic that our heroes have been placed in this untenable situation!

When we were organizing The Disclosure Project a few years ago, I asked one of Neil Armstrong’s friends if Armstrong would come to Washington to brief members of Congress at the 1997 Congressional briefing we organized in April of that year. I was told that Armstrong wished he could –but that if he spoke about what really happened during the moon landing, that Neil Armstrong, his wife, and children would all be killed. It was put to me this bluntly.

Another source is former NASA employee Ken Johnston. Johnston was a Boeing engineer and a former fighter-jock and test pilot for Grumman Aerospace. He was also a marine and an F-4 pilot, as well as a NASA employee, working as the chief Lunar Module test pilot at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston. According to James Oberg, a U.S. space journalist, UFO skeptic, and space historian, “Johnston seems to be a sweet human being who did honorable service to his country in the military and in the Apollo program.”

Above is a picture of him wearing his gear, taken from a documentary in which he appeared that also featured Buzz Aldrin and other notable NASA colleagues. In the documentary, he reveals: “While Neil and Buzz were on the Lunar surface, Neil switched to the medical channel, and spoke directly with the chief medical officer saying, they’re here, they’re parked on the side of the crater, they’re watching us.” (Source: 34 second mark)

Johnston is referring to a story put out by former NASA employee Otto Bender. According to Dr. Michael Salla, PhD., on a post written on his website, Bender confirmed that HAM radio operators had intercepted these VHF signals that were transmitted from Apollo 11, the ones that were kept from the public.

Apparently, this is how it went:

Mission Control: What’s there ? Mission Control calling Apollo 11.

Apollo 11:  These babies are huge, sir … enormous….Oh, God, you wouldn’t believe it! I’m telling you there are other space craft out there… lined up on the far side of the crater edge… they’re on the moon watching us.

To the right you will see a picture of William Tompkins and Admiral Larry Marsh. As a teenager Tompkins had an eye for detail and loved to create Navy ship and submarine models. The Navy took interest in his capabilities and recruited him to do work on advanced technology projects. Recently, he has come forward with claims, as many others have, about clandestine Black Budget operation programs.

According to Tompkins:

The Landing Module (LEM) actually impacted the Moon surface in the Sea of Tranquility Crater, which had tremendous size vehicles parked around part of its rim. When astronaut Neil Armstrong made that First Step for Man on the Moon he looked up to the edge of the crater and said to mission control: “There are other ships here, they are enormous. The public did not hear that statement or see the massive alien starships. Armstrong panned his camera in a 360 degree motional all around the crater and the CIA then classified the information as way above top secret.

Another source for this story comes from Timothy Good, one of the world’s leading UFO researchers, who has lectured at universities, schools, and many organizations, including the Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences, the Royal Canadian Military Institute, the Royal Geographical Society, the Royal Naval Air Reserve Branch, the House of Lords All-Party UFO Study Group, and the Oxford and Cambridge Union societies.

He says that a former member of MI6 revealed her conversation with Neil Armstrong at a NASA conference, when he confirmed there were “other” spacecraft on the Moon when Apollo 11 landed in 1969. Armstrong also confirmed the CIA was behind the coverup. He also goes into more detail about it in this 2013 lecture.

So you see, this story has many different sides to it, and given all of the information that’s now available in the public domain regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial life, it’s really not hard to believe, especially when we already have some compelling information about the moon.

Why the Above Story Could Very Well Be True

Maurice Chatelain, whose expertise allowed him to invent radio equipment used to go to the moon (here is an example of one of his twelve patents), has revealed that “at no time when the astronauts were in space were they alone. They were under constant surveillance by UFOs.”

This statement has been packed up by several astronauts, one of them being Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon: “Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. . . . We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time. I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real.” (source) (source) (source)

It’s not only agency astronauts, but agency insiders as well. For example, Dr. John Brandenburg, the Deputy Manager of the Clementine Mission to the Moon, which was part of a joint space project between the Ballistic Missile Defence Organization (BMDO) and NASA, has also made some fascinating revelations. The mission discovered water at the Moon’s poles in 1994 (Source: page 16 of 18)(source)(source). But, according to Brandenburg, the Clementine Mission had an ulterior agenda:

[The Clementine Mission was] a photo reconnaissance mission basically to check out if someone was building bases on the moon that we didn’t know about. Were they expanding they expanding them? . . . Of all the pictures I’ve seen from the moon that show possible structures, the most impressive is a picture of a miles wide recto-linear structure. This looked unmistakably artificial, and it shouldn’t be there. As somebody in the space defence community, I look on any such structure on the moon with great concern because it isn’t ours, there’s no way we could have built such a thing. It means someone else is up there.

George Leonard, a NASA scientist and photo analyst, has obtained a number of official NASA photographs of the Moon, which he published in his book Somebody Else Is On The MoonAlthough the photos are small and their resolution poor, they show details of original, massive prints. Far more compelling than these photos, then, are his verified NASA credentials and his statements about what was found on the Moon. And he’s not the only one with a credible background trying to tell the world the truth about the Moon and the photos that were taken from the Apollo missions.

Dr. Norman Bergrun, a mechanical engineer who worked for Ames Research Laboratory, NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics), and Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, now known as Lockheed Martin, has accused the agency of “garbling” photos the agency does not want the public to see. He has also stated there are a number of large UFOs out there. You can view some of his publications for NASA, where he worked for more than a decade, here, and watch that interview here.

There are also studies to consider. Members of the Society For Planetary SETI Research (SPSR) have recently published a paper in the Journal of Space Exploration about certain features on the far side of the moon that appear in the crater Paracelsus C. Titled “Image Analysis of Unusual Structures on the Far Side of the Moon in the Crater Paracelsus C,” it argues that these features might be artificial in origin, meaning someone other than a human being built them and put them there. You can read more about that here.

“Shortly after I retired from the Air-Force, and I still was maintaining contacts with friends and associates at the various bases and one Col Parker in the Air Defence Command, the Space Command . . . mentioned an incident which I later confirmed. A spacecraft went to the rescue of Apollo 13, and they accompanied Apollo 13 on their voyage around the moon and back to Earth, and on two occasions they thought they might have to transfer the crew to their spacecraft. But they saw them safely back to the Earth.”

The quote above comes from Colonel Ross Dedrickson, who, in the 1950s, was responsible for maintaining the inventory of the nuclear weapon stockpile for the AEC and accompanying security teams checking out the security of the weapons, among many other duties throughout his career. It was taken from the interview below.

He is one of hundreds of military whistleblowers to give some very interesting testimony.

Contrary to popular belief, reports of artificial structures on the moon are both common and persistent. Among the first were from George Leonard’s 1976 book, Somebody Else is on the Moon, and Fred Steckling’s 1981 book, We Discovered Alien Bases on The Moon.

Disappearing Moon Filmed By Astronauts Aboard The ISS

What better way to observe the moon than while orbiting our planet?

Astronauts on board the International Space Station have one of the best views not only of Earth but Earth’s faithful companion the moon as well.

Now, a recent video has emerged showing the moon like many of us have never seen it before.

Russian Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev has managed to film a unique video of Earth’s moon “vanishing” mysteriously behind the Earth during moonset, while in low orbit around Earth.

Oleg Germanovich Artemyev is a Russian Cosmonaut for the Russian Federal Space Agency. He was selected as part of the RKKE-15 Cosmonaut group in 2003.

He was a Flight engineer of Expedition 39and 40 to the International Space Station, and in 2018 he returned to space as the Commander of Soyuz MS-08.

Artemyev was a crew member in the 15-day and 105-day precursor studies of the MARS-500 program between 2007 and 2009.

The short video filmed by the Russian cosmonaut was published on a number of social networks around the globe and provides a fresh, unique, and extraordinary perspective of Earth’s satellite.

“The Moon is setting. It’s like the heartbeat,” Artemyev says while filming the rapidly moving satellite. “Now a little more and it will reach the atmosphere.”

This doesn’t mean there’s a mystery to it. In the video filmed by Artemyev, we can observe the moon gently touching our planet’s atmosphere as it ‘vanishes’ without actually reaching its edge.

This strange disappearing moon phenomenon can only be witnessed while in low orbit around Earth.

According to Artemyev, the video speed of the moon was not altered and actually represents the real-time speed of the moon, as seen from the International Space Station.

The moon seems to travel very fast because the International Space Station itself travels at a staggering 7.66 kilometers per second.

The Russian cosmonaut has filmed a number of stunning videos and images from the International Space Station.

This video below, for example, is the @SpaceX #Dragon CRS-14 cargo ship after undocking from the International Space Station.

The below image was filmed by Atemyev as the International Space Station was just above Dubai.

Video Courtesy: Oleg Artemyev:

Featured Image Credit: Oleg Artemyev / Instagram


Ivan is editor-in-chief at, he also writes for Universe Explorers.
You may have seen him appear on the Discovery and History Channel.

An Astronomer Believes He Spotted Three UFO’s Flying Between Earth And The Moon

An Astronomer Believes He Spotted Three UFO’s Flying Between Earth And The Moon

YouTube has become widely known for featuring countless UFO videos. There are so many videos on YouTube that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Some of them are hoaxed content created by ‘Video Publishers’ just for revenue, while other videos (much fewer) actually approach the UFO phenomenon from a more scientific point of view.

Now, an amateur astronomer has turned towards YouTube’s online community to try and make sense of three mysterious objects he spotted while observing the Moon from Earth.

The person in charge of uploading the ‘controversial footage’ to YouTube was an amateur astronomer who has a channel called Don’t Stop Motion, who argue he is unsure whether the objects he spotted with his telescope were helium balloons or space junk that he managed to film just as he was exploring Earth’s natural satellite.

Unlike many other videos uploaded to the video-sharing network, the author of this video is just as confused as we are.

Did Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster lose three tires? Image Credit: YouTube

The YouTuber wrote:

Obviously, after watching the video footage all sorts of theories have been proposed.

It could have been space junk.

He may have filmed helium balloons.

But also, as some commentators argue, the amateur astronomer may have filmed a crystal-clear video of three disc-shaped UFO’s flying between our planet and the moon.

“They move too fast to be balloons. They have the same speed and the same direction, “say some of the commentators who lay into the UFO explanation.

One of the best comments the video made fun of Musk’s Tesla Roadster traveling the solar system: “3 tires fell off Tesla’s roadster

If you have not seen the footage yet, I invite you to see the clip we shared here below so that you can judge for yourself and tell us what you think the mysterious objects may have been.

Maybe after all, and as many people have claimed, there is without a doubt a great UFO presence on Earth.


Ivan is editor-in-chief at, he also writes for Universe Explorers.
You may have seen him appear on the Discovery and History Channel.