Did Aliens Build The Pyramids? This Study May Answer The Question Once And For All

For thousands of years, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt has fascinated humans from around the globe. As the oldest and sole remaining member of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, there are many theories as to how these pyramids were constructed. The question most people ask is whether aliens or humans did it.

For years, conspiracy theorists have peddled a claim that human beings could not have possibly built these magnificent structures on their own. They must have had help from above, and they aren’t talking about a deity.

That’s right, many people believe that aliens built the pyramids or at least helped humans do it.

But scientists and archaeologists have repeatedly debunked these theories over the years, and one study, in particular, puts the question to rest once and for all.

University of Amsterdam Physics Professor Daniel Bonn and his team successfully duplicated the way ancient Egyptians moved massive stones from a quarry to the site where the pyramids now stand after researchers found a painting dating back to 1900 B.C. on the wall of a tomb showing over 100 men moving a massive statue using ropes and sledge.

It turns out that the men simply poured a certain amount of water on the sand to make moving heavy objects such as statues and stones across the desert possible.

“Egyptologists thought it was a purely ceremonial act,” Bonn told Live Science. “The question was: Why did they do it?”

They did it because dry sand just clumps up and creates too much drag to pull objects across. But using water helps connect the grains of sand to turn it into a more solid surface.

“If you use dry sand, it won’t work as well, but if the sand is too wet, it won’t work either,” Bonn explained. “There’s an optimum stiffness. It turns out that wetting Egyptian desert sand can reduce the friction by quite a bit, which implies you need only half of the people to pull a sledge on wet sand, compared to dry sand.”

So, the ancient Egyptians were clearly intelligent enough to construct the pyramids and did not use nearly as many laborers to do the job as most people think.

Here’s the video featuring the painting and the experiment via YouTube.

A University of Chicago and Harvard archaeologist Mark Lehner agrees.

After viewing the painting himself and spending years among the Egyptian people and studying their history, he can’t fathom taking their monumental achievement away from them and giving it to alien beings that we don’t even know actually exist.

“I first went to Egypt in 1972 and ended up living there 13 years,” he told PBS. I was imbued with ideas of Atlantis and Edgar Cayce and so on. So I went over, starting from that point of view, but everything I saw told me, day by day, year by year, that they were very human and the marks of humanity are everywhere on them.”

Indeed, from tool markings on the stones to the same quarries where stones are still being cut out in much the same way today to paintings showing exactly how the Egyptians moved the stone and built structures, the evidence that humans built the pyramids is too much to ignore.

“Everything that I have found convinces me more and more that indeed it is this society that built the Sphinx and the Pyramids,” Lehner continued. “Every time I go back to Giza my respect increases for those people and that society, that they could do it. You see, to me, it’s even more fascinating that they did this. And that by doing this they contributed something to the human career and its overall development. Rather than just copping out and saying, ‘There’s no way they could have done this.’ I think that denigrates the people whose evidence we actually find.”

“One of the most compelling pieces of evidence we have is graffiti on ancient stone monuments in places that they didn’t mean to be shown,” he explained, referring to the painting showing laborers moving a statue on a sledge. “Like on foundations when we dig down below the floor level, up in the relieving chambers above the King’s chamber in the Great Pyramid, and in many monuments of the Old Kingdom—temples, other pyramids.”

Lehner even conducted his own experiment, not a miniature experiment like Bonn’s, but with real people and real stones using a real wooden sledge. Only this time, they moved the sledge on wooden rollers, another technique that could have been used.

The results prove that people can move heavy stones efficiently over a distance, thus confirming Bonn’s experiment.

In addition, the Egyptians also used barges to transport stones via rivers and canals and all of these methods and more were likely used to construct the pyramids.

For instance, a man in Michigan built his own Stonehenge by himself using simple techniques, moving and raising stone blocks that weigh anywhere from hundreds of pounds to several tons. The Egyptians could have done the same, but with more manpower.

Lehner also decried the theories that anyone else must have built the pyramids and explained that people who make such suggestions feel lost.

“This was as great as it comes in terms of art and sculpture and building ships from any place on the planet, in the whole repertoire of ancient cultures,” he said. “Why is there such a need to look for yet another culture, to say, “No, it wasn’t these people, it was some civilization that’s lost, even older. To some extent, I think we feel the need to look for a lost civilization on time’s other horizon because we feel lost in our civilization.”

Yet another Great Pyramid expert, Director General of the Giza site Zahi Hawass, concurs.

“We are lucky because we found this whole evidence of the workmen who built the Pyramids,” he said. “We found the artisans. Mark found the bakery, and we found this settlement of the camp, and hieroglyphic inscriptions of the Overseer of the Site of the Pyramid, the Overseer of the West Side of the Pyramid. We found the craftsmen, the man who makes the statue of the Overseer of the Craftsmen, the Inspector of Building Tombs, Director of Building Tombs—I’m telling you all the titles. We found 25 unique new titles connected with these people.”

When asked who built the pyramids, Hawass definitively responded.

“It was the Egyptians who built the Pyramids. The Great Pyramid is dated with all the evidence, I’m telling you now, to 4,600 years, the reign of Khufu. They are not people from a lost civilization. They are not from outer space. They are Egyptian, and their skeletons are here and were examined by scholars and doctors. The race of all the people we found are completely supporting that they are Egyptians.”

The idea that humans were incapable of building these great structures and that we must have had divine help or help from aliens is insulting. Ancient peoples had various techniques for cutting stone and moving it, and also were able to harness manpower in a way that is largely unheard of in today’s modern world. While modern peoples have been able to replace manpower with machines, thus making construction possible with just a small team of people, building such structures like the pyramids required tens of thousands of people using what many today would consider primitive tools and techniques.

But the fact remains that they did build the pyramids, and the human race should be proud of that achievement and learn from it. Because it’s not just Egyptian history. It’s human history. And aliens had nothing to do with it.

Featured Image: Wikimedia

George Van Tassel 1964 Interview on Aliens, Ufos and Time Travel

Time travel would be a massive task if it could be done. Scientifically it’s possible to travel forward in time (we’re all doing so right now). But I think going backwards is impossible.

Now if you wanted to go back, you’d surely have to not only account for ‘time’ but what time measures. Movement.

Earth now is not in the same location it was on this day 200 years ago. Something Doctor Who’s TARDIS addresses by moving in both time and space.

We’re not just going around the sun in a circle, we’re moving in a spiral as the sun moves through the galaxy.

So how most people imagine time travel to work, if you drove your delorean back in time, or forward, when you materialize there’s a very good chance you’d reappear in the void of space.

I’d love for time travel to be a thing, be it from aliens or human ingenuity. But I just feel it’s just not possible because as I said earlier, time is not really a thing, it’s just a measurement of things moving, rotating etc.
A way to make sense of something.

Not to mention I could not see how you could travel back in time without creating a paradox or butterfly effect, even if you took the utmost care not to change anything. Because your mere presence would be changing things if only moving a few particles and atoms in space.

Oh well will watch the clip regardless, always good to look back at history and how humans viewed such things in the past minus the knowledge and tech we have now.

What do you think of evil aliens and their possible agenda?

If evil aliens exist (and they aren’t just evil people with or without physical bodies, or misunderstood) then it’s likely that either they aren’t evil , as they could wipe us out in hours with the tech they must have to get here …


they are using us as cattle.

I guess there could be cosmic rules in place and other scenarios undreamt of, but it’s likely that they are either indifferent, hard to understand but benevolent, or “evil” and using us for some reason. Using the word “evil” is problematic as who knows what moral construct a sentient alien might have? What’s bad and evil for humans might be right and lovely for some alien… right?

I have to say, if it’s some scenario that confirms Christianity or the like, I will be surprised. Very, very surprised.

Not to say inter-dimensional things like demons are impossible, just that if the specific dogma of any particular religion turns out to the THE correct one, I would be flabbergasted. No offense intended, but … c’mon.

(Video) Elon Musk Smokes Marijuana During Interview; Speaks About Aliens, The Matrix, AI, and the Future

Guess what? We are probably living in a massive, simulated universe created by an advanced Alien Civilization, according to Elon Musk.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, believes it is very likely that we will live in one of many simulated universes created by a more advanced extraterrestrial civilization, as he expressed this Friday in a long conversation of more than two and a half hours with American comedian Joe Rogan, with who drank whiskey and even smoked a joint of marijuana mixed with tobacco.

But don’t worry, the idea of us living in a universe isn’t the result of whiskey and marihuana kicking in, in fact, it’s a theory that has been around for quite some time now.

There are many scientists who believe that the universe we live in could actually be a massive simulation, a huge software, and we all live in a Matrix-kind of environment.

Musk has said on numerous occasions that there is a possibility we might be part of a massive alien simulation.

According to Musk, considering that the universe is about 13,800 million years old, it is feasible to think that a technologically advanced civilization could have created a set of “different simulations” which, he assures, we can call “reality” or “multiverse”.

And when you think about it, it actually makes sense.

“If you assume any rate of improvement at all, then games will be indistinguishable from reality, or civilization will end. One of those two things will occur,” Musk said.

“Therefore, we are most likely in a simulation, because we exist.”

“I think most likely — this is just about probability — there are many, many simulations,” he added. “You might as well call them a reality, or you could call them multiverse.”

Elon Musk on Podcast Image Credit

Musk has developed his Alien Simulation rather well, and he seems to understand it better than other scientists who have pondered about such a possibility.

According to Musk, the “substrate” from which these simulations would emerge would be very boring compared to the invented universes themselves, and he gave as an example the realities invented by humans in video games and movies, which he described as “distillation[s] of what’s interesting about life.”

“Why would you make a simulation that’s boring? You’d make a simulation that’s way more interesting than base reality,” Musk said, citing the video games and movies that humanity makes, which are “distillation[s] of what’s interesting about life.”

Some highlights that I found very interesting! (timestamps are approx.) 9:00 Elon: “I am an alien” 👽 25:00 Neural link will be amazing! Oh and… 2:13:51 Musk hits the blunt!

Different universes, different simulations

Musk supports the theory that an advanced alien civilization could have created thousands of “false” universes under their control.

If so, according to the proponents of this theory, it would be very difficult for the inhabitants of that simulation to be aware of it, since any evidence they could discover would probably have been prearranged and adhered to by their creators.

In other words, if we are living in an advanced, massive, cosmic-scale simulation, there’s probably little we can do to corroborate the theory. We might never know if we are living in a simulation, or if everything that is happening around us, is in fact real.

But in addition to speaking about Whiskey, Marijuana, and a universe simulated by advanced alien civilizations, in the interview, Musk and Rogan addressed other issues such as the creation of a tunnel system to reduce traffic in large cities, unregulated and uncontrollable artificial intelligence, as well as the possibility for humanity to explore other worlds in the future.

Musk also spoke about Tesla and expressed the need for human beings to stop using fossil fuels due to its negative impact on the environment, a practice he called “the dumbest experiment in the history of mankind.”

“We should not do this,” he told Rogan. “We know that sustainable energy is the endpoint. So why are we doing this experiment? It’s an insane experiment. It’s the dumbest experiment in human history.”

You can watch the entire thing on The Joe Rogan Experience’s YouTube page.

Antarctic anomoly – Base? Aliens?

I came across this video and took some shots of it using google earth pro. Not sure what it is and the before and after pictures are odd as well.

A Youtuber by the name Florida Maquis posted the video (bottom of this page). A Youtuber by the name of Clint Steel posted a comment on one of Maquis videos with a link to the youtube page for conspiracy depot, which is where the original notice came from.

Not sure what to make of it and not sure if this was already posted. If it was my bad.
**Having issues uploading several screen caps**

The coordinates are – 75° 0’46.98″S 0° 4’52.710″E

Here is the area in question from 1999 using google earth pro. Not much to see but some shadows.

Here is the area in question from 2016 using google earth pro.

Some closeups of the 2016 photo-
Overview with identifiers-

Now the weird part. Images are from Google Earth Pro from 2013 –

Video source –

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Apollo 15 Astronaut Says Humans Are Descendants Of Ancient Aliens

If I had to lay down money in Vegas on how the human race was started, I’m probably laying it on the Ancient Alien hypothesis.

In order of what I feel like would have been the most likely:

1) Ancient Alien Hypothesis
2) Evolution

99) Creationism

Now, I’m not sure exactly what the “Ancient Alien Hypothesis” would entail; probes with DNA, actual breeding with Ancient man, a complete reengineering of Ancient man. Take you pick.

I’m just saying that the massive increase in brain size of human beings is unaccounted for and the only thing I can think of that naturally could enhance that would be psychedelics, which may as well be from another planet.

Are aliens fake?

You have to be skeptical when news agencies start posting the same stuff

Fox news

New York post

I mean I know aliens aren’t proven to be real but it’s like a general consensus that there’s a possibility that they could exist or exist somewhere in the universe.

The deep state which is the military industrial complex and shadow government,which is the intelligence agencies. The two terms are not one in the same, They have been controlling things for a while, a long time way before 9/11 which we all know was a false flag and the Fake intel about the WMD’s.

It’s a non partisan issue they are not left over Obama operatives they were there before Obama and Bill Clinton, Ever since they were created they had way too much power and secrecy, Even if you were disband the CIA that same influence, Power and intimidation would remain they’re just leeching tax payers, and have been funding and stashing who knows what for who knows how long, JFK repeatedly lashed with and ultimately ending up firing his director of the CIA because he wasn’t in favor of secrecy.

And when JFK was asassinated his death was investigated by the Warren Comission which was was led by the same Allen Dulles director of the CIA that JFK had fired every knows the CIA controls the most U.S media outlets operates outside of the U.S constitution and does whatever they want.

It’s probably why Trump set up a space force, And why the Trump-Putin summit looked like that because theres a war between the elected government and the shadow government where the pretty much ended up forcing him to say he believes the Russia meddled because he’d look like he believes Vladimir Putin over his own U.S intelligence.

What if they were to set up a Hollywood propaganda False flag alien campaign where they invading countries, adavnced algorithms hacking computers, Manilulating power grids complete with hundreds of thousands of drones, facial recognition, A.I, Black budget technology etc. To implement international courts, Martial law, And the rest of the common NWO conspiracies..

How would you react, would you believe aliens are real, How do you think various leaders of different countries react? Is it the ultimate conspiracy would we have no choice but to join the NWO?

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S02 E04 Ancient Aliens: Underground Aliens

A temple of the dead in the Yucatán… an underground city in Turkey, and a South American cave said to contain a treasure from beyond the stars. For centuries, people have told tales of caves and tunnels deep inside the Earth. Subterranean passageways that lead to lands of gods and monsters.

But is there a surprising truth behind these legends?

I have stood in front of drawings on the rocks and wondered, “am I looking at an extra-terrestrial biological entity?”

Could there really be mysterious places far beneath our feet? Places whose origins might not be of this Earth?

There were certain aspects of the caves for which geology could not provide an answer.

Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings. What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, should we be looking for proof of their existence not in the heavens above but in mysterious worlds deep beneath the surface?

Bordered on the north by the black sea, and by the Taurus mountains to the South, lies Cappadocia in central Turkey.
Here, wind and water have sculpted strange shapes out of the soft volcanic rock which ancient peoples once turned into small, primitive dwellings.

In more recent years, the site has seen the construction of more modern structures.

But in 1963, a simple home renovation in the town of Derinkuyu led to an extraordinary discovery when a cave wall was opened, revealing a passageway to an underground city thousands of years old and more than 280 feet deep.

I’ve been there on multiple occasions, and it’s incredible because there’s the ground, with ventilation shafts and 15,000 little shafts that bring air to even the deepest of levels.

Underground city of Derinkuyu

Incredibly, the number of rock rooms that were found could hold an estimated There was even evidence of religious centers, storerooms, winepresses and stables for livestock.

Oh, Derinkuyu would’ve been a massive undertaking for anyone, even in modern times with modern equipment.
But in those days, it would’ve been, um stupendous. Equal to the pyramids.

At Derinkuyu, because of the softness of the stone, you had to be very careful that you provided enough pillar strength to support the floors above, otherwise, you’d have catastrophic cave-ins.

Surprisingly, there’s no evidence of any catastrophic cave-ins, so they were apparently extremely clever and knew their material. We’re talking deep antiquity. It is mind-boggling to understand how they could’ve done this.

Perhaps they had help from some other civilization. But just who built this massive underground city? And what mysterious force drove them to live underground?

Why would people want to live deep underground in these weird caverns like that? It seems kind of scary, really.
According to many archaeologists and scholars, Derinkuyu was most likely intended to serve as a temporary shelter from invasion built around 800 BC by the Phrygians, a bronze age people related to the Trojans.

Others believe it was built by the hittites, a warrior people mentioned in the Bible who flourished hundreds of years earlier. But could the underground city be even older? According to ancient astronaut theorists, it is, perhaps by many thousands of years.

The Cappadocia region of Turkey was part of the zoroastrian empire, which was persian in nature. And it’s one of the oldest religious traditions on the face of the Earth.

The zoroastrian religion an ancient faith based on opposing forces of good and evil is widely believed to have influenced both hinduism and judeo-christianity. Founded sometime before the sixth century b.C., its chief God is the creator, Ahura Mazda.

And in the second chapter of the Zoroastrian sacred text, the Vendidad, Ahura Mazda saves mankind from a worldwide environmental disaster much like the story of Noah in the Hebrew testament.

The great prophet Yima was instructed to build a kind of underground refuge similar to Derinkuyu by the sky God Ahura Mazda.

According to the sacred texts, Yima built a multilevel underground city to protect a select group of people and animals, not from a flood but from a global ice age. The Vendidad calls this “the evil winters.”

According to many mainstream climatologists, the last ice age peaked around 18,000 years ago and ended around 10,000 B.C.

Is it possible that Derinkuyu was built as a refuge from a devastating global winter? Since you cannot carbon date stone, it’s anybody’s guess how old Derinkuyu really is.

And my question is: If we have a Zoroastrian story that’s very similar, could it be that both that place and Derinkuyu are much, much older than what we’ve believed so far?

Map of Derinkuyu. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

But if Derinkuyuis, in fact, the underground city that Ahura Mazda told his followers to build, could there be a stunning truth behind the legend? If so, who or what was the God Ahura Mazda?

Ahura Mazda does appear to be responsible for the management of whatever is happening here on Earth. There are various ways to read this, one of which is that it does represent some sort of higher universal form of consciousness.
But another is that it would represent an overseeing extraterrestrial intelligence.

Several sacred texts from antiquity speak of knowledge given to mankind from extraterrestrials, but also known as gods from antiquity.

Could the sky God Ahura Mazda really have been an advanced being from another world?

So, did he provide the technology needed for his followers to build this complex labyrinth as protection from environmental disaster?

Or is there possibly a more ominous reason for Derinkuyu’s existence?

Some say a clue lies in the underground city’s unusual security system: 1,000-pound doors on rollers that allow them to be moved by a single person, but only from one side.

The Derinkuyu doors they’re very cleverly constructed. You can basically only open it and leverage it from the inside. So obviously, whoever inhabited Derinkuyu was hiding from someone or something.

According to the ancient Zoroastrian texts, Ahura Mazda soared through the sky in a divine chariot and waged war against his eternal enemy, Angra Mainyu, the demon of destruction. But could this really be?

As many ancient astronaut theorists believe a depiction of two extraterrestrial forces battling over control of the Earth and its resources?

The aerial enemies were extraterrestrial because they were the ones who had the capability of flight. They had access to those types of machines that we can read about in every single ancient culture around the world.

When you look at the Zoroastrian tradition, you also see clear evidence that there was some sort of extraterrestrial battle going on between warring factions.

Therefore, it is certainly possible that the original caves may have been used as shelters against possible aerial bombardment from extraterrestrials that were warring with each other during that time.

Derinkuyu was built out of fear of an aerial enemy because if something flies over you very, very fast, you can’t see the ventilation shafts.

Some suggest 30,000 people used to live underground at Derinkuyu.

During recorded history, many different peoples did, in fact, hide in the underground city of Derinkuyu to escape everything from desert raiders to Roman legions.

But some experts wonder whether such conventional attacks can really explain why Derinkuyu was built in the first place.

If it were an enemy that was on horseback, it would be easy for them to just smother everyone inside by just closing all the ventilation shafts. We had the phrase in the defense department studies that I participated in: “The cave is a grave to a well-prepared “adversary.”

Once you find it, it is highly vulnerable. But did the people of Derinkuyu really go underground to avoid becoming casualties in an extraterrestrial battle in the skies? And, if so, might there be other such cities from the distant past?

According to ancient astronaut theorists, there are.

And they can be found much nearer to home deep in the caves of the American southwest.

The majestic mesas and rugged mountains of the American southwest are home to many native peoples, including the Navajo, Zuni, Pueblo, Hopi, and Apache.

These tribes have many different beliefs, but their creation myths all share something quite remarkable. When we talk about our origin, you know, you hear the stories about us coming down from Alaska through the Bering Strait.

But what we believe is we came up from the ground. The Apaches and other Pueblo Indians, such as the Zunis and the Hopi Indians, all have this legend that they emerged from some underground world into today’s world.

In some legends, the southwestern peoples went back underground for safety.

The Hopi of Arizona say their ancestors escaped a deadly storm of falling stars with the help of the snake people, who took them to shelters deep in the Earth.

Another Hopi legend speaks of the ant people who protected them from storms of fire and ice.

The Hopi Indians survived cataclysms by living in this underground world with the ant people for a certain period of time, and then eventually they emerged from the underground world back into the surface world.

Ant people? Snake people?

Could these stories be based on ancestral tales of people actually living underground possibly during the last ice age?

Or could the ancestors of today’s southwestern tribes have taken refuge in sub-surface dwellings similar to the underground city of Derinkuyu in Turkey?

If so, over the centuries, might they have developed physical traits like large eyes and fingers that made them more closely resemble actual Earth-dwelling creatures?

The shamans, and the elders of native Americans, they will tell you that before these people were able to emerge out of planet Earth, they were brought here by the star-people, the star-gods, which arrived from outer space.

I have stood in front of what are called the ant people and some of the very strange, large-eyed drawings on the rocks and wondered, “am I looking at native American interpretation of what today is called an extraterrestrial “biological entity?”

If extraterrestrials were here in the remote past, there are multiple species out there, is it possible that they might’ve looked lizard-like and ant-like? And the answer is yes.

Is it possible that these underground creatures of native American legend were actually alien visitors? If so, could some of them still be living beneath the surface of the southwestern desert?

For decades, stories of encounters with UFOs and alien beings have been told among the people of New Mexico’s Jicarilla Apache reservation.

Some of the aliens in these stories bear a strange resemblance to the ancient tales of the ant-like and snake-like beings from the Hopi legends. There are things up here that no one can explain.

The Jicarilla Apache reservation is located next to the small town of Dulce, nestled in the shadow of the over 9,000-foot-high Archuleta Mesa.

It is from this mesa and mountain that people claim they have seen UFOs flying out of the mountain.

It was a spaceship we saw right there. And it was big like maybe the size of a football field. And then we seen this dome on top that was all glassed in. And then my husband was looking at it with the binoculars and he saw two small people.

Well, we don’t know what it is. If we stayed here and they came down I don’t know what they would have done to us.

Could the native tales of spaceships and strange creatures be true?

Some ufo researchers and conspiracy theorists believe that these eyewitness accounts are not only true, but are evidence of a secret collaboration between underground aliens and the U.S.Military.

The amount of military traffic over Dulce, the unmarked helicopters, the black helicopters, the heavy-duty chinooks.
All these helicopters spend a lot more time in Dulce than they should if nothing were going on here.

Among the stories that we’ve heard from the Jicarilla Apache is that they discovered vents, actually right here on the mesa.

Awhile back, when my brother was still alive we used to come up here in the back, and he sHowed us this shaft and that thing was bigger than bigger than me.

But we walked in, and I didn’t want to go any further. The vents were here maybe 25 years ago. You’d hear strange noises. Groans. Sighs. Human groans.

And this lent a lot of credence to stories that human beings were being vivisected, experimented on. And thus the legend of strange creatures and strange noises coming out of this mesa grew and expanded.

Aliens living underground. Strange, secret government cover-ups.

Could native American legends of underground beings help unearth the truth behind these incredible stories?

Some think the answer might be found deep beneath the surface of north America, but others believe the truth lies hidden in a mysterious cave thousands of Miles to the South. A cave that hides proof of alien visitors who journeyed beyond the stars.

South America.

The andes mountain range in Ecuador.

For thousands of years, this rain forest high on the eastern slopes has been the land of the Shuar, headhunters who are fiercely protective of their homeland, and its secrets.

And of all the Shuar’s secrets, perhaps none has been so carefully guarded as the location and entrance of the cave of Tayos.

But why?

Perhaps the answer can be found in the story of an Italian catholic missionary named father Crespi, who lived in the region in the middle of the last century.

Father Paolo Carlo Crespi.

Father Crespi holding Ancient ArtifactsFather Crespi holding Ancient Artifacts.

He was loved by the Indians. He helped them without, uh, asking for money. And the Indians made him some presents.
But what was unique about the “presents” or gifts given to father Crespi was that they often took the forms of elaborately-carved artifacts some made of gold or other precious metals.

Often these objects featured elaborate carvings and symbols not known to be associated with the Shuar culture.

In his 1973 book, gold of the gods, ancient astronaut theorist erich Von Daniken wrote of father Crespi’s incredible collection which he believed to come from the cave of Tayos and which were, in his opinion, treasures from an unknown and highly-advanced culture.

The startling questions posed in Von Daniken’s book soon inspired Scottish explorer Stanley Hall to try and solve the mystery himself.

In 1975, Hall traveled to Cuenca to see father Crespi’s collection with his own eyes. I had for years been researching South America as the missing page of pre-history.

I first heard of the Tayos caves in erich Von Daniken’s book and followed it through from there. And one of the presents which the old priest received is a tablet with 36 writings.

It’s metallic tablet. No one until today was able to translate these writings. In 1976, Stanley Hall mounted an expedition of more than 100 people to explore Tayos.

Among them was American astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. Entering the cave through a jungle entrance known to the Ecuadorian army, the explorers were fascinated by what they encountered especially large areas that appeared to have been excavated by someone Or something.

The head of the British geological group, Dr.Brian Kelly, in 1976, he admitted that it was difficult for him to explain the actual large doorways that you see in these caves.

Although Stan Hall’s expedition did find a tomb chamber with items dating to 1500 bc A ring! A stone ring!

The expedition found no treasure and no trace of anything that looked like the artifacts in father Crespi’s collection.

But if Tayos was not the secret origin of father Crespi’s amazing collection, where did it come from? Undaunted, Hall didn’t give up his search.

Explorers tracked down an Ecuadorian named Petronio Jaramillo who claimed to have entered the cave of Tayos through a secret entrance back in 1946. And apparently, Petronio had visited this cave for the very first time when he was very young. When he was in his teens. He said that he had to dive underwater, go in in this underwater tunnel, and then come up.

Jaramillo told Hall he wandered through chamber after chamber of ancient relics, including a vast room of books made from gold and other metals books with unrecognizable writing Possibly like that on one of the metal tablets in father Crespi’s collection.

The other things looked like formulas, and so on, and so on. So it was one spectacular statement after another. Some argue whether or not an ancient civilization had come down to Earth and had used this cave system to leave certain artifacts of their civilization behind for us to recover.

Unfortunately, before he could guide Stanley Hall to the underwater cave entrance, Petronio jaramillo died, taking the secret to his grave. Stanley Hall himself died in his search for the so-called metal library.

Fortunately, Stanley Hall’s daughter Eileen has decided to continue her father’s work. Unless we find this treasure, unless we can see, translate the writing, it’s still a big question mark over who wrote it, why they put it there and who put it there.

But when Eileen Hall began to look for the location of father Crespi’s original artifacts, she learned that much of the priest’s collection had mysteriously vanished shortly before his death in 1982.

But why? Had Crespi’s artifacts fallen prey to thieves?

Or might the Shuar have taken their treasure back into the cave where they found them? Whatever the answer, Eileen Hall has continued to research other artifacts from elsewhere in Ecuador.

And like father Crespi’s objects, some seem to have uncanny resemblances to other cultures that, according to mainstream archeology, ancient Ecuadorians could not have had any knowledge of.

This collection is made up of what my father believed to be the formative cultures of Ecuador. This is from the coastal culture from 600 bc to 1600 ad, and this is very humanlike, but at the same time, some features have been exaggerated.
Here, you’ve got the smaller face with the kind of bigger ears, and the elongated skull shape on the head.

The top of this head looks like an elongated cranium, an elongated skull, and it is identical to this Egyptian statue that we find all over Egypt.

To see this picture right here and compare it to the Egyptian bust we see right here, it’s uncanny the head shape is identical.

Do Stanley Hall’s artifacts show evidence that Egyptian cultures could have crossed the oceans to influence South American culture? Or is it possible that both were influenced by another culture one from beyond our world?

If so, were the strange writings inscribed on father Crespi’s now missing metal tablets actual messages from an alien world?

My father went as far as saying it was possibly an advanced civilization, but we can’t know for certain until this library is found.

So this metallic library is still there in Ecuador in a subterranean cave. There are still Indian tribes living there. They are still protecting the old treasure.

So it’s going to push the boundaries of academia once this cave system has been found. And whether it is Inca or extraterrestrial, it doesn’t really matter at this moment in time.

Let’s get to this cave and see what is in there.

Perhaps Tayos has yet to reveal all of its secrets, but more than 700 Miles to the north, there is another cave one that may prove that the Mayan underworld and the terrifying gods who ruled it were not only very real, but thirsty for human blood.

The Yucatá¡n peninsula One of Mexico’s premier tourist destinations.

Besides scenic beaches, the area is covered by thick jungle and pockmarked by massive sinkholes known as Cenotes. The ground beneath the jungle is also honeycombed with caves. But here, in 2007, Mexican archaeologist Guillermo de Anda found a cave like no other.

Following clues in the records of 17th-century Spanish priests that hinted at the existence of a mysterious underground Mayan temple deep in the jungle, de Anda found a series of caves near the village of Tahtzibichen Caves not seen for hundreds of years, and with entrances submerged beneath centuries of floodwater.

Sometimes we have to dive into these caves. Sometimes they go very deep. The average depth of our research is about 140, 150 feet, but we know of caves much deeper than that.

At first, de Anda and his team found carved stone heads and broken pillars with We have found columns under the water, and these columns are amazing because some of them are five feet high and at least ten feet wide.

But as de Anda surfaced in the dry areas of the cave, he found what he believed to be the remains of a massive underground temple complex, including a concrete road, a crumbled pyramid and bones.

But why was it here?

The Mayans themselves have, uh, very intriguing legends of an underground world called Xibalba. And it’s believed now by archaeologists that what they found is what the Mayans thought was the entrance to this legendary underground world that features prominently in the Popol Vuh.

Could this dark and mysterious cave really be the underground world mentioned in the Mayan legends?

According to the Popol Vuh, the written record of Mayan mythology, the underworld kingdom of Xibalba, meaning “the place of fear,” was ruled by the cruel lords of the dead, who made those who entered their realm pass through a series of torture chambers, involving blood, darkness, cold, knives, bats and jaguars.

We see here in this one archaeological spot an actual physical representation of what the Mayans felt the soul had to go through.

Might, perhaps, this cave of stalactites, sharp enough to pierce flesh, represent the “room of knives” in the Popol Vuh?

There is also, arguably, a “room of bats,” and a trench that might once have been filled with blood, like the river of blood in the story that Mayan pilgrims had to cross over.

There are places of cold and darkness and even a room with carvings of jaguars.

These caves were littered with large patches of spiders and reptiles and all types of tumultuous things that a human really wouldn’t want to be exposed to.

Although some archaeologists claim this unique site was simply modeled after the description of Xibalba in the Popol Vuh, de Anda insists that items from the cave date back to a time centuries before the Mayan holy book was written.

It’s not that there was this document and they, uh, tried to, uh, imitate what the document said.

I think it’s all the other way around. We believe that we have found the particular Xibalba of the central part of the Yucatá¡n.

This is why we do believe it was a real place. But if Xibalba is real, were the lords of the dead also real?

And if so, who or what were they? According to the Chilam Balam book, which is the book of the Jaguar priests, it says in there, that at that time “the road to the stars descended from the sky, and the “13 and nine gods came to Earth.

“I’m sorry.”A road to the stars,” “descended from the sky.” Can it be more clear? I don’t think so.

Right there we have a direct reference to someone that has arrived from outer space, and we have a written record about this.

Could the “lords of Xibalba” and other Mayan gods really have been extraterrestrial travelers?

If so, why did they display such a thirst for blood and torture? I do not believe human sacrifice was originally taught by the ets.

I believe it came in the aftermath of when the original teachers of humankind had arrived.

The ancient gods, which were really just humans from another world, withdrew from the area, and the people became distraught.

The more they became distraught, the more they took the original mythology and interpreted it in a much more literal way.

So what might have started out as the myth about the sun dying and being reborn when it sinks below the horizon, becomes literally the idea of killing people to make sure that the sun is gonna come back up.

As archaeologists and explorers continue to ununcover sites where legend and reality meet, could there be even more evidence that mankind’s history on this planet is much more profound than what we currently understand?

There are those who believe the secret lies even deeper within the Earth as deep as its very core.

The north pole a seemingly endless wasteland of arctic ice, shrouded in darkness for six months of every year.

Here, there is no food, no shelter, not even a cave to hide from the slashing winds and temperatures that can dive to 90 degrees below zero.

But according to mainstream geology, beneath the pole and the arctic ocean lies the Earth’s mostly rocky crust, up to 30 miles thick.

Below this is molten rock, heated by the planet’s spinning core, with a solid center of iron and nickel the size of the moon. Scientists have deduced this information from measurements of Earth’s gravity, magnetism and seismic waves.
But no one has ever seen these areas.

Could the frozen surface of the pole be hiding a gateway to a world within our surface world? There are those who believe the answer is, “yes.” And what they believe is known as the hollow Earth theory.

The hollow Earth theory is that, this Earth is not molten inside. It is actually hollow, and that suspended in the hollow of the Earth is an inner sun.

An illustration of an entrance to inner earth.

Surprisingly, the notion of a hollow Earth was first given scientific credence by one of the founders of modern astronomy.
The idea that the Earth might be hollow, as a scientific notion, dates back to the astronomer Edmund Halley who is best known for his comet.

In 1691 he presented to the London royal society his hypothesis that the Earth is hollow and contains several little spheres inside.

Sort of like those Russian Matryoshska dolls. He was hypothesizing this for a very practical reason.

The Earth’s magnetic pole moved a little bit every year to the west, and his idea was that our outer sphere had inner spheres that turned independently of the outer one. He also suggested that these interior spheres would also be able to support life. In 1818, former U.S.army Captain John Cleves Symmes, Jr., announced that there were vast openings at each pole where we could enter inner Earth.

With Symmes, the idea of a hollow Earth gets tied into exploring for the pole. At this point, nobody had actually seen Antarctica, for instance. The hollow Earth theory again captured the public’s imagination in 1864 with the release of Jules Verne’s second novel, a journey to the center of the Earth.

The novel takes an Icelandic guide and a Professor and a young man down into the center of the Earth. Journey to the center of the Earth could really have been called a journey to the center of geology.

Geology and paleontology were a very hot topic in the early 1860’s and there’s a lot of discussion of that in the journey to the center of the Earth.

But while Verne popularized the idea that extinct life forms might still exist inside the Earth, others envisioned that the Earth contained advanced underground civilizations. Supposedly, they have advanced technology. They’ve got ray guns and special weapons. And even they have flying saucers, other craft like that.

But is there any evidence that such fantastic claims could be true?

And has anyone actually been to the world within our Earth? Proponents of the hollow Earth theory say, “yes,” and that one of the explorers was no less a luminary than famed polar pioneer Admiral Richard Byrd.

In the 1920s, byrd made world headlines by flying over the north pole, and by becoming the first man to fly solo over the South pole.

But hollow Earth theorists believe that the famous explorer went even farther, and that, on February 19, 1947, admiral byrd piloted a plane through a hole near the north pole into the interior of the Earth.

A flying saucer type craft took control of his airplane, with some kind of tractor beam and they landed him near an inner Earth city.

And the message that they had for us was that they consider themselves the guardians of this planet, okay? He says, “we don’t approve of you people using nuclear weapons.”

We had just blown up a couple of cities in Japan a couple of years before, so this was the message that he was given. But when he got to Washington, they put a lid of secrecy on this, that this was not to go out.

Some say admiral Byrd’s own account of this flight into the hollow Earth is detailed in his secret diary, published in the 1990’s, almost four decades after his death.

But skeptics claim the diary is a forgery and point out that in February 1947, at the time admiral Byrd was supposedly visiting this other world underneath the north pole, he was actually part of a vast called “operation high jump,” 12,000 Miles away, near the South pole.

But could Byrd’s inclusion in this large military operation at the South pole have been merely a cover story?

Some people claim it was, and this allowed him to slip away to the other end of the planet, unnoticed by the media.

Admiral Byrd, the rumor was, found a world of flying machines, and people, and more advanced than us And that they helped him, and then he left again. It’s a myth. Nobody’s really been able to prove it, but it’s a great myth.

Could there really be vast, open spaces within the Earth where advanced civilizations live?

Could extraterrestrial gods really have come to Earth, centuries ago, and hidden the evidence of their journeys deep within caves and tunnels?

Perhaps we have only just scratched the surface of our planet’s underground mysteries.

If so, what clues to our distant past might still be waiting to be found, and hiding in the darkness?

NOTE: This article is an edited version of episode four, season two, of the TV Series Ancient Aliens. Our editors worked hard to correct out any mistakes, and arrange the context so that our readers can enjoy reading through the episodes, without having to watch them. I believe that when you read through these episodes, you can imagine (reconstruct) what the participants of the Series were trying to say in a much more efficient, a much richer way.

You can read episode three, season two here.

S02 E02 Ancient Aliens: Gods and Aliens

Zeus… Thor… For thousands of years, the ancients have described gods who came down from the heavens.

Always you have someone who is descending from the sky with a loud noise, with thundering, with fire, with smoke.

They would have come the most powerful and magical place possible from the stars.

But just who were these mystical beings that ruled the skies with supernatural powers? You could wonder if these tales of Zeus’s thunderbolts, Thor’s hammer if these weren’t real weapons.

Did our ancient ancestors create the gods from their own imaginations?

Or did they simply report events they believed to be true? Our ancestors misinterpreted extraterrestrials as gods because that is was the only way that they could explain away what they witnessed.

Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings. What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And were the gods of our ancestors actually visitors from other worlds?

Truva, Turkey.

For over 150 years, this small city has been the center of one of the greatest archaeological finds in modern history: the possible discovery of the legendary city of Troy.

In 1868, amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, set out to find what he believed was the city that served as the basis for the Trojan War, as described in one of the greatest pieces of classical literature, Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad.

Written in the eighth century BC, Homer’s Iliad tells the tale of a great war, born of feuding and jealous gods. While most scholars believed the story of the Trojan War was a work of fiction, Schliemann was determined to prove the myth was a reality.

Heinrich Schliemann’s discoveries rocked the archaeological world. Armed with his copy of the Iliad, basically, he just decided that he was gonna find Troy. And so he went and just dug a big hole, and when he went, he discovered the real Troy.

But if Homer’s story of Troy was true, what would it say about other Greek stories and myths? Might those also be true?

Did powerful gods and goddesses actually exist? And, if so, where did they come from?

Hellas, also known as Greece.

Each day, thousands of tourists visit temples and monuments built to honor the gods of another age.

The Acropolis. Delphi. The Parthenon. The Temple of Apollo.

These ancient sites reflect a powerful reverence for beings that supposedly ruled the world thousands of years ago.

When you look at many of the mythologies around the world, they have these stories of gods coming down from the sky.

There’s a beautiful description of the way that the gods move, like, when they kind of come down to the Earth.

You get the sense of them gliding down, but the way that they move is kind of beyond time. It just kind of happens. If the ancient Greeks invented the stories of gods as a primitive attempt to explain their universe, how can we account for similar deities found in widely different regions and cultures around the globe?

Was it mere coincidence?

Or was there a common origin for these gods, who supposedly traveled to Earth from the skies?

The earliest civilization we have: 3800 BC. The Sumerians actually give us visual descriptions of these beings and speak of this time that they lived among their living gods.

A depiction of a part of an ancient Sumerian Estela Approximately some 250,000 years ago, according to Sitchin, the ancient Anunnaki merged their Alien genes with that of Homo Erectus and created a species known as Homo Sapiens, obtaining, as a result, a genetically bicameral species.

They called their gods the Annunaki and that term simply meant “those who from heaven come to earth.”

Mythology is chock full of these episodes of gods coming down to earth. I mean, because mythology is so interested in the relationship between gods and humans, there is necessarily gonna be a lot of communication, and communion between the two of them.

In his 2000 book, Odyssey of the Gods, Erich Von Daniken argues that the world’s sacred books are full of descriptions, not of gods, but of supernatural beings interacting with humans. Some thousands of years ago, when our forefathers were still primitive, some extraterrestrials descended to our planet.

And because of misunderstanding, like of technology, our forefathers thought that these extraterrestrials must be some gods.

Mount Olympus.

Greece’s highest mountain.

According to ancient myths, this site was the home of the gods. It was here, on Mount Olympus, that Zeus sat on his throne and determined the fate of mortal men.

Whenever we have references to Mount Olympus, it is described to be this magnificent palace on top of Mount Olympus allegedly, and the temple walls were always gleaming of gold, or gleaming with silver, and a lot of little lights that they described as jewels.

Well, if you look at that from modern perspective, what if that place Mount Olympus wasn’t necessarily the top of a mountain, but it was, in fact, a spaceship, because it is described how sometimes there was a big rumbling with Mount Olympus, and the entire top lifted off.

But if Mount Olympus was home to alien visitors, could Zeus have been their leader? According to both the Iliad and the Odyssey, Zeus was often depicted as wielding a lightning bolt.

It appears to be a very powerful weapon because he could destroy whole cities with this thunderbolt weapon of his. Similarly, Zeus’s brother Poseidon, the God of the sea, was armed with a trident.

Poseidon's tridentPoseidon’s trident. Image credit: Shutterstock.

He was able to create tsunamis, tidal waves with this weapon.

The trident weapon of Poseidon seems to have been something more than just a pitchfork. So is it possible that the lightning bolt and the trident is some type of a direct energy device?

Arguably, one of the most important of the Greek gods was Apollo, who rode the skies in his chariot of fire.

Apollo first was the teacher of the young Greeks living there. He taught them how to make buildings on the mountain, on the hillside. He taught them how to make roads. He taught them in astronomy.

Centuries later, when Rome ruled over Europe and the Mediterranean, from the first century BC until the seventh century AD, the Romans paid homage to gods similar to the Greeks.

Zeus was now known as Jupiter. Poseidon was called Neptune. But Apollo was known to both the Romans and the Greeks.


Or, as most ancient astronaut theorists believe, was it the historical account of powerful beings that came to Earth thousands of years ago?

We know that the extraterrestrials more than likely are the source of what they call gods. How did they get here? More than likely in some type of craft.

What we map into our myths and our legends are incredible stories, incredible events, and any extraterrestrial being, any ancient alien who has come here on Earth, will be written down into this account because it is such an extraordinary event that it’ll be marked forever.

But if the stories of Greek and Roman gods are true, can evidence of their existence be found in other parts of the globe? And, if so, where did they go?

On the northwest coast of France, just South of Brittany, lies one of the e most important prehistoric sites in Europe.

A model of the Carnac Stones

At the seaside village of Carnac, over 3,000 megalithic stones are placed in rows over two miles long.

The Carnac stones were hewn from local rock formations and erected between 4,500 to 2,500 BC, at the end of the Stone Age. They are the largest collection of standing stones in the world.

Archaeologists are baffled by the many megaliths at Carnac here. It’s clearly a massive construction project with blocks of granite weighing 50 to 100, to even up to 350 tons.

Legends here say that giants built Carnac, but you have to wonder, what is the real purpose of these giant megaliths, and why would prehistoric people have moved all of these massive stones and placed them in the many alignments here at Carnac? Thousands of large stones have been arranged in very interesting patterns.

They’re arranged in intersecting lines that form triangles that could only be visible from above the Earth. These arrangements of stones may have been a way of communicating with extraterrestrial beings.

The ancient Greek poet Pindar spoke of a mystical land called Hyperborea, far to the north, where the sun shined Legends claim that Apollo visited Hyperborea, traveling in his chariot of fire every Apollo would tell to the Greeks, “Okay, I’ve got to go see some other people.

“I’ve got to go and teach them.” And they’re, like, “Well, where are you off to?” And he’s, like, “Well, I’m actually going to a place that’s beyond where the north wind comes. It’s the land of the “Hyperboreans.”

Although mainstream archaeologists speculate that the Carnac stones are most likely tomb markers, ancient astronaut theorists believe these stones are intentionally laid out in a unique geometric formation.

Many speculations existed since centuries, and only a few years ago, in France, they started to photograph this whole French Brittany by helicopters.

And when they put the pictures together, all of a sudden, someone realized, hey, this is not coincidence. The distances of the lines are always the same 2,860 meters. Or exactly the half of 2,860 meters. The angles are always the same. It’s Pythagorean triangles. It’s all a gigantic geometrical pattern. From Stone Age, which is impossible. Our Stone Age people had no idea of Pythagoras’ triangles. Pythagoras was about 420 BC.

Even though the geometric arrangement of the Carnac stones predates the Pythagorean theorem by more than 2,000 years, one question remains: Why were the stones arranged in such a precise pattern?

The Carnac stones are one of the few things on the planet that can actually be seen from space. And they’re a perfect marker for any kind of aerial vehicle looking down on the Earth. Many of the tourists w who com here to Carnac claim that they can actually feel the energy emanating from these granite megaliths.

How did these ancient people know about this energy?

Is it possible that they were able to use this energy to even move and erect these giant stones? I am of the opinion that they were made on purpose. The extraterrestrials told our ancestor: do this and this.

It’s not the extraterrestrials who made the stone lines. It’s the humans who made it, but by the order of the extraterrestrials. But were the Carnac stones a signpost for an ancient astronaut called Apollo, as he flew his spacecraft high above the land?

If the Greek God Apollo was really some kind of ancient astronaut, it’s possible that the stones here at Carnac were a directional finder pointing the way to the far north, to the Hyperborea of the ancient gods. Over 1,000 miles north of Carnac lies Scandinavia, home to an ancient people called the Norse.

The Norse were tribal Germanic people who lived in what is now known as Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway.
Norse legends record the triumphs of great warriors with advanced weaponry, sophisticated combat techniques s and navigational p prowess.

Like the Greeks, Norse mythology includes supernatural beings, other worlds and powerful gods. But like the Romans, could the Norse myths refer not to different gods, but the same gods as those depicted by the ancient Greeks?

There are a number of similarities between Greek mythology and Norse mythology.

And many of the gods are, uh, almost identical. And they do much the same thing. Descriptions of the Viking God Odin the God of war, death and knowledge and the Greek God Zeus, bear striking similarities.

Zeus and Odin are both sky father gods. They travel through the skies in chariots because they are akin to the solar, uh, divinities. The precursor to many, uh, religious beliefs is sun worship.

The ancients knew that life came from the sun. So that is a great mystery and a source of great awe. What you’re getting there is not just some minor deity, but you really are nailing it down to one of the chief deities.

This is a very important character. And so whoever is behind Odin or Zeus is obviously a person, or a divine entity, which is shared by these cultures.

And it’s clear that whoever inspired the myth of Zeus or Odin is somehow somebody who had an extremely important contribution to make to both civilizations. So this entity was definitely known throughout Europe.

Ancient alien theorists also point to similarities between the sophisticated weapons possessed by both the Norse and the Greek gods. Among Odin’s weapons was a spear that never missed its target.

Norse Creation Myth

The Norse God Thor, God of storms, strength and fertility, wielded a powerful hammer. Right there we have a correlation, a connection, because not only does Zeus have the thunderbolt, but what does Odin have? And Thor? They have a hammer.

Thor has a hammer with which he can smash things, destroy things, and, you know, the hammer idea is pretty close with the description to the lightning rod that Zeus has. So, you have to wonder if these tales of Zeus’s thunderbolts, Thor’s hammer if these weren’t real weapons, just like we have today, where we have directed energy-beam weapons, or are developing some kind of literal thunderbolt coming out of a spacecraft.

But such similarities are not limited o the Greek and Norse myths. In India, the ancient epic of the Mahabharata describes visitations from gods that possessed the advanced technology of space travel.

There you can read, some thousands of years ago, gigantic cities surrounded our planet. They used the word “cities,” because they had no word for “mother spaceship. ” And of a sudden, out of these cities, smaller spacecrafts came out.
Of course, in ancient India, they had no word like “spacecraft,” so they called it “Vimana.”

An artists rendering of a flying Vimana. Were the ancient Vimana really powerful ancient alien spaceships?

The ancient texts of the Hebrew Bible also describe a prophet who traveled the skies in a sophisticated machine.

Who is Enoch?

He was the seventh antediluvian prophet in the Old Testament, including the Torah of the Jewish community. Enoch is only described with two phrases, that’s all.

And it says that the Lord took him away in a fiery chariot into the heaven. But technology was not the only characteristic these ancient deities had in common. According to legends, the gods enjoyed intimate relations with humans.

But if aliens did choose human women as their sexual partners, what was their motivation?

And just what was the outcome of these very close encounters? Ancient myths are full of stories of gods descending to Earth to mate with humans.

According to many sources, including Norse mythology, Greek mythology and even the Bible, we have the stories of the sons of God, or actual gods, from Mount Olympus or Valhalla, and they’re coming to Earth.

They find, uh, the daughters of men attractive.

When all these encounters happened, and when women slept with those gods which can be found in multiple texts all around the planet that those women actually had sex with extraterrestrials, not with gods.

‘Cause gods do not exist.

According to Homer’s Iliad, the citizens of Sparta were renowned for their heroic warriors and their beautiful women.
Zeus, the Greek God of the sky, admired a human named Leda.

One afternoon, while Leda walked alone in an orchard, Zeus changed into a swan, enveloped her in his powerful wings, and made love to her. Only later did Leda realize she had been impregnated by a God.

When you look at Greek mythology, and many of the mythologies around the world, they have these stories of gods coming down from the sky, and have sexual intercourse with these humans, and, in a sense, create a new breed of human.
The offspring of these couplings were described by the ancients as demigods, or half-gods.

Experts suggest demigods were supernatural hybrid beings of human and alien origin.

Ancient Greeks believed these beings were exceptional and destined to perform extraordinary feats.

It is a tradition in many civilizations that there were certain human children who were somehow not human, but somehow had a connection to the stars, to a realm beyond Earth.

And this specialness seems to be there from birth, and it somehow seems to involve a DNA component, which maybe science needs to look at, and needs to study.

Some of the oldest accounts of gods and humans interbreeding can be found in ancient Hindu texts.

In the ancient Sanskrit writings of India, we find this account: A Queen named Kunti mated with a celestial being, an extraterrestrial, who was known as the sun God.

The product of this mating was Karna, one of the heroes of the Indian epic, the Mahabharata. Perhaps the most famous demigod is the Greek hero Heracles, also known as the Roman Hercules.

Heracles was half-man/half-god, conceived in the union of Zeus and a mortal woman named Alcmene.

Mainstream scholars have often dismissed the tales of demigods as fantasy.

But ancient astronaut theorists believe they reflect actual living entities.

These types of accounts in the ancient wisdom traditions have a modern equivalent in accounts of alien terrestrial hybrids, which is part of the modern UFO alien abduction type of account.

It’s remarkable that we find, in these modern reports, exact equivalents in the ancient accounts. That suggests that we’re dealing with realities here.

We’re not just dealing with imaginary stories.

Ancient astronaut theorists say the term “star children” is another way to describe the offspring of humans and ancient extraterrestrials.

They claim that in the early traditions of nearly every major world religion, “star children” correlate to supernatural beings known as “gods.”

“Star child” is an often-used reference in ancient texts when a woman had a quote, unquote “divine interaction” with one of the gods, often resulting in a woman being pregnant without having slept with anyone. You know, is such a thing even possible?

Yes, it is. Today, artificial insemination.

That’s what happens today.

You no longer have to have sex in order to have babies.

We have the exact same description thousands of years ago, where women, without sleeping with anyone, all of a sudden became pregnant, and the question is how is that possible?

Did aliens that came to Earth in ancient times use advanced fertility technology?

ithin Greek mythology you have many strange stories of centaurs, uh cyclops, weird genetically human, uh, half animal creations.

And you have to speculate, at least to a point, that there’s a possibility of strange genetic engineering going on here, and creating what are literal monsters in the past.

In some of the writings of ancient civilizations, we see accounts of mating between extraterrestrial beings and humans, producing monsters or giants or other similar types of beings.

And why is that? I believe it’s because it has actually happened in the past.

Could these ancient tales of enormous creatures half human, half beast be rooted in truth? And if so, is there any evidence these giant hybrids really existed?

Lovelock, Nevada.

In the early 1800’s, local legends passed down by the Piute Indians told of a race of giants who were exterminated by their tribe. It is said this was done by trapping the giants in a cave, shooting arrows at them, and then starting a large fire at the mouth of the cave.

An illustration of what a giant skull would look like. Were Giants real?

Evidence of the slaughter lay undisturbed until the early second century. The Lovelock Cave was first discovered by local ranchers who were looking for bat guano to use in their fields.

In need of fertilizer for their crops, the ranchers removed nearly ten feet of guano-enriched soil from the surface of the cave. They found up to 40 or 50 people inside this cave.

One was allegedly seven feet, seven inches tall. They all had long, red hair and were literal giants.

If these skeletons were the remains of the legendary red-haired giants, were they visitors from distant continents?

Throughout the skeletons were allegedly discovered in the Midwest, also in parts of California and around Death Valley.

And the skeletons here, found at Lovelock, are one of the few that were really excavated by an accredited university.

Archaeologists from the Nevada Historical Society and the University of California believe the cave was occupied from approximately years before white men appeared in the Nevada territory.

A local museum has preserved several skulls that some believe are recovered remains of the giants.

Inside this cabinet here, are three skulls from the Lovelock caves.

When you first see these skulls, they seem to be pretty much normal-looking skulls. However, it’s when we really start to compare the jawbones with this modern dental impression of a normal adult male, that we see that these jawbones are unusually large.

And these are, really, the skulls of giant people who were perhaps seven, even eight feet tall. One of the odd things with these skulls is that they’re not actually put on display here at the museum.

And they’re kept hidden in this cabinet.

Now, we don’t know if that’s really, uh, just out of, um, respect for, uh, Native Americans, or whether there’s really something unusual about these giant skulls that they don’t want them to display.

Are the Nevada bones evidence of a race of giants that existed all through early human history?

If so, could the giants be the descendants of extraterrestrials? According to the Hebrew Testament, one such giant appeared in the valley of Elah each morning, for 40 days, a Philistine giant over nine feet tall challenged the Israelites to a fight.

His name was Goliath.

David and Goliath is one of those episodes in the Bible where you wonder what is going on.

Is it t just a metaphor or are e dealing with a fundamental interpretation? And in that sense, Goliath has to be a giant creature.

The question then is: “He cannot be human. What is he?”

David’s stunning triumph over Goliath was considered a mere fable, until archaeologists turned up evidence that suggests this confrontation really did happen. On the outskirts of Tell Es-Safi, Israel, scientists discovered a moat that may have once protected the Philistine fortress.

Nearby, they found shards of pottery inscribed with the name Goliath. Tests indicate the pottery is from the same time period as described in the Bible.

Ancient astronaut theorists claim this is unmistakable evidence of extraterrestrial giants in biblical times.

And they say there is much more.

The most common megalithic construction known is the dolmen.

Believed to be burial chambers, they are found throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Asia.

Could these mega structures be the ruins of giants? Archaeology likes to use the word “dolmen,” but they were formerly known in folklore as “giant’s graves.”

A dolmen is shaped like the Greek letter “pi” with the top on it.

And they’re made of enormous blocks of limestone.

And even today, it’s We are marveled that anyone could construct those things, and wonder how they got the top on top of the uprights.

And those were built during the Middle Bronze Period, which is roughly 2000 to 1500 before the common era.
So seeing things like that, people questioned, those must’ve been made by giants.

I mean, ordinary people could not have done that.

Are we dealing with metaphors or are we dealing with hard evidence?

Are these physical creatures which somehow roamed the earth? And I think, on volume, we have to accept that some of these were real.

The question, then, is how did these genetic freaks come about? One of the main tenets of ancient astronaut theory suggests that a long time ago, extraterrestrials changed our genetic makeup through a targeted mutation of our genes, essentially in the lab.

So they took a couple of human beings, altered their DNA, then reinserted those people back into the population, so through procreation, those people would pass on those new genetic alterations to the entire population.

Ancient astronaut theorists suggest the evidence points to one conclusion, that aliens changed the genetics of early human DNA.

For an alien being to work with DNA is so easy that just creating a new type is not at all that difficult. Even today, we have the capability to create new types of animals.

The question is, were we created as such, as well?

But what reason could extraterrestrial visitors have had for populating the Earth with mixed species and monstrous hybrids?

Were they the result of some kind of scientific experiment gone terribly wrong? Did ancient aliens have some reason to experiment with human DNA?

The Galapagos Islands, off the coast of South America, are known for their unique biodiversity.

In 1832, a naturalist named Charles Darwin came to these islands to observe and record several species of animals not seen before.

The result of his studies formed the basis for his controversial book, The Origin of Species.

In it, Darwin proposed his theory of evolution, which held that all life evolved over time, through a process of natural selection.
But even Darwin’s theories could not explain the developmental gap between apes and man.

There was, it was believed, a transitional species that had to exist, one which became referred to as, “the missing link.”

Homo Sapiens have been around for 300,000 years.

And only in a few thousand years, our brain size essentially tripled. Now, that does not jive with ordinary evolution.
You need time. A very long time. However, today, biologists cannot quite put a finger on how our brain volume tripled in a very short time period. That is still a mystery.

Could it be, as many ancient astronaut theorists believe, that ancient aliens had a hand in jump-starting human evolution on our planet? Science has been unable to find the missing link, and maybe that’s simply because Earth is unable to offer that missing link.

Maybe the missing link is not of this Earth. Maybe the missing link is somewhere outside, extraterrestrial.

In 1996, medical science took a giant step forward when geneticists successfully cloned a sheep.

This revolutionary technology marked a significant advancement in our understanding of DNA.

But could extraterrestrial visitors have also possessed knowledge of genetics? In the Sumerian records of mythology, they explain how they genetically engineered the first human being.

And so, it’s very possible that extraterrestrials did genetically engineer us.

More and more creatures are being discovered, as s science goes along, in little caves, or on little islands, whereby DNA evidence clearly shows that something else has been happening.

We’re probably gonna get to hard scientific fact that something interbred with humans, on certain occasions, certain moments in time.

Could the giants and monsters described in the ancient myths be examples of genetic mutations?

And if so, what purpose might they have served? There are actually accounts in the ancient Sanskrit writings of India of how, in their original attempts to produce living things in the universe, the gods, or the extraterrestrial beings, made mistakes and produced different types of monsters and giants and things like that.

Why should the so-called “gods” first make such mixed creatures? What’s the purpose of it?

Did they observe a lion, and they say to themselves, “Why don’t we mix the strongness of the muscle of the one animal with the heat expellant, uh, skin of the other animal, to use it at some other planet, which is different Earth?”

So they start breeding. They start to make mixed creatures.

Scholars and archaeologists generally agree that sometime around 3000 BC, during the Megalithic Era, mankind took a quantum leap forward with regard to civilization and use of technology.

According to myths and legends, human beings gave credit to their gods for giving them this knowledge.

But if the gods were, in fact, alien visitors, might mankind’s quantum leap forward have had a more intergalactic origin? It is clear that something affected multiple continents on this planet around 3000 BC.

The pyramids began to be built at that moment in time. Why? What was that imperative? Was it a global imperative?


Was it an imperative which came from outside of this world?


If aliens intervened to speed the advancement of human beings, is it also possible that they have influenced mankind at other critical junctures in history?

And, if so, could they have continued to monitor us, even today? It’s very possible that, if there was some type of genetic intervention, by an extraterrestrial race, on humanity, they would be very interested to see their experiment progress.
I am often asked the question,

“Is it not ridiculous to believe that extraterrestrials should, in a way or other, look similar to us, or even think similar to us?”


The question is wrong.

They are not, by coincidence, similar to us, but we are similar to them, because we are the product.

But if alien beings did interbreed with humans, why? Was it to save their own species?

Or, perhaps, hide the genetic traces of their presence here on Earth? Could there even be aliens living among us?

NOTE: This article is an edited version of episode two, season two, of the TV Series Ancient Aliens. Our editors worked hard to correct out any mistakes, and arrange the context so that our readers can enjoy reading through the episodes, without having to watch them. I believe that when you read through these episodes, you can imagine (reconstruct) what the participants of the Series were trying to say in a much more efficient, a much richer way.